Lack of Common Sense Required for Abortion Advocates

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Common senseAbortion advocates say some of the most outrageously absurd things. I don’t know how else to characterize the words that come out of their mouths. By any logical, rational standard the ideas and comments they put forth make absolutely no sense and would in any other context be considered too ridiculous to take seriously.

Take for example the comments of a British abortion advocate and attorney who said that rape victims bear some responsibility for being raped. In other words, “the fact that you were violently attacked and forced against your will to have sex is kind of your fault too.” I can’t even imagine making such a statement in the case of a prostitute being raped because logic dictates that there is a difference between consensual and non-consensual sex in every context.

But what can you expect from someone that openly advocates the legalization of sex with 13-year-olds? Don’t forget that there is a strong connection between the abortion industry and pedophile advocates; it makes things so much easier for them. Continue reading

Robert P. George: What Lincoln Really Said at Gettysburg

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If you’re not familiar with the writings of Robert P. George, you should be. The brilliant professor of law at Princeton is well respected in most circles for his keen insight into matters of law and public policy. But he is also respected as a man of faith that believes in the conservative, traditional values America was founded upon.

After President Obama removed the words “under God” from his recitation of the Gettysburg address this year an article of Dr. George’s surfaced in which he addressed the issue. Defenders of the president claim that Obama was merely quoting one of the “other copies” of the Gettysburg address in which the words “under God” do not appear. Indeed at least five copies of the address exist and at least two o those copies do not have the words “under God” in them. But this excuse is not acceptable, as Dr. George explains:

“Of course, none of these copies is actually the Gettysburg Address. The Gettysburg Address is the set of words actually spoken by Lincoln at Gettysburg. And, as it happens, we know what those words are. (The Bliss copy nearly perfectly reproduces them.) Three entirely independent reporters, including a reporter for the Associated Press, telegraphed their transcriptions of Lincoln’s remarks to their editors immediately after the president spoke. All three transcriptions include the words “under God,” and no contemporaneous report omits them. There isn’t really room for equivocation or evasion: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address—one of the founding texts of the American republic—expressly characterizes the United States as a nation under God.” Click here for original article.

Public Libraries Providing Access to Porn

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public libraryImagine taking your kids to the public library. While some might think public libraries are obsolete in the age of the Internet, many people still go and libraries are a valuable asset to any neighborhood. Now suppose you’ve taken your kids to visit the library on a beautiful, sunny day to enjoy looking at books and other activities. You walk your kids through the library, hand in hand, discussing what kind of books they will look at when, to your horror, you see…

Someone on one of the library computers is looking at porn!

This is just not a scenario out of a parent’s worst nightmare; this is a real-life scenario taking place in libraries around the country. A recent case involves a library in Orland Park, Illinois, where residents are asking the library to install filters on public computers to block access to pornography. Some however are concerned that such filters violate free speech rights and insert more government into the lives of Americans.

It’s encouraging to hear that parents around this public library are asking for filters on the computers located within reach of young kids. In a hyper-sexualized society where children are often caught in the crosshairs of marketers and advertisers, parents must be vigilant in protecting their kids. It seems the concerns of parents are at least causing the public library to reconsider its policy of no filters on the computers. Continue reading

Anna Higgins: Good Will Come from Albuquerque

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If you paid attention to the vote that took place in Albuquerque this week you were disappointed by the defeat of a ballot measure aimed at protecting unborn children. Voters rejected a measure that would have banned abortion after five months. This is the point in pregnancy when an unborn child can feel pain, which makes abortion nothing less than cruel torture and murder.

While the defeat of this measure might be immediately disappointing, Family Research Council researcher Anna Higgins says good will come from this very public battle:

“The hard work that was put into the measure was not in vain. Due to efforts such as these, people are waking up to the fact that abortion necessarily involves two lives and that late term abortion is an unnecessary evil. In fact, 64% of Americans support banning the practice of late-term abortion. We must build on this effort in [Albuquerque] and begin to introduce similar legislation in cities across the country. These efforts go a long way towards exposing the truth about abortion. They also force those who support the heinous practice to defend themselves in light of the reality that abortion causes excruciating pain to the preborn child and is dangerous for the mother.” Click here to read original article.

The Founders, History, and Public Prayer

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SCOTUS PrayerA case with incredible implications for the religious freedoms of Americans came to the Supreme Court recently. In Town of Greece v. Galloway the high court heard oral arguments as to whether or not a town council has the constitutional right to open with public prayer. This case has been ongoing for many years and finally made it to the Supreme Court on November 6th.

The last time the Supreme Court heard a public prayer case was in 1983 when it ruled in favor of public prayer in the Nebraska legislature in Marsh v. Chambers. The question now is whether or not the court will stay consistent in recognizing the constitutional right for any public assembly or body to open with prayer.

Alliance Defending Freedom president Allan Sears, along with colleague Joe Infranco, has written a historically accurate article citing the Founder’s frequent use of prayer at everything from the Constitutional Convention to holiday proclamations. They write: Continue reading

The Practical End to ENDA

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ENDA Senate BillFor the time being ENDA appears dead. Even though it passed in the Senate it had no chance of making it through the House where Speaker Boehner opposed it as well as most Republicans; and a few vulnerable Democrats hoping to keep their job in 2014.

In case you don’t know what ENDA is, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act seeks to make it illegal for an employer to hire or fire a person based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

On the surface this might sound like a good idea. After all, no one should be denied a job simply because he is gay. But the problem with ENDA is that it has a back door that would lead to forcing religious organizations and Christian business owners to violate their religious convictions. Here’s how:

The only exemptions from ENDA apply to churches. This means religious organizations and faith based businesses would not be exempt. This creates a problem in that those organizations that operate under a Gospel-centric mission would be forced to hire people whose life style directly opposes their mission. The practical example is a Christian school being forced to hire a homosexual, or a Christian organization like Family Research Council or Samaritan’s Purse being forced to hire a transgender person. Continue reading

The Logical End of ENDA

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Stop ENDARemember way back when Ryan T. Anderson said ENDA would threaten the religious freedoms of Christian business owners and people of faith? Well, he said it:

“While it is unclear which religious organizations would be exempted from ENDA, it is clear that the bill would not exempt those who wish to run their businesses and other organizations in keeping with their moral or religious values. Additionally, ENDA’s religious liberty protections extend only to businesses directly run by a church or religious organizations. As a result, other religious business owners would be exposed to significant liabilities. Consider, for instance, a Christian bookstore not formally incorporated as a religious organization. Such a store could be accused of creating a hostile work environment by selling and promoting books stating that marriage unites one man with one woman. Clearly, ENDA would create enormous legal risks for businesses that allowed their employees to express traditional religious teachings on sexuality. Anti-discrimination law ought not to silence religious believers.”

Do you also remember when Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Kellie Fiedorek said ENDA doesn’t protect people of faith? That’s what she said: Continue reading

The Day Polygamy and Polyamory Are Legalized

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polygamyI’ve made this statement countless times and will continue to repeat it: If the government redefines marriage for homosexuals it will have to continue redefining marriage for other groups or be guilty of the same discrimination it now accuses traditional marriage supporters of.

Come to terms with the reality of its truth. The government cannot simply redefine marriage one time for homosexuals and then say, “There, now everyone’s happy.” Polygamists and polyamory advocates will be the first to stand up and say, “No, we’re not happy at all.” They will then begin an even greater push – because they are already pushing to some degree – for their relationships to be legally recognized.

On what ground would the government then have to deny them the right to “marry” and gain legal status? The moral ground? Please, they will have surrendered that ground along with the traditional definition of marriage. Besides, what would possibly be the basis for the government’s “moral ground”? If the definition of marriage is not inherently and morally tied to the traditional one man one woman definition, what possible moral objection could be raised against other “alternative lifestyles,” and “loving couples who just want to get married”?

None. Continue reading

Will Pedophilia Be Legalized Next? The Answer Is…

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pedophiliaA recent headline sent shock waves across the nation a couple weeks ago when people read: “Pedophilia Officially Classified as Sexual Orientation by American Psychiatric Association”?

The headlines grabbed attention and caused a buzz across the blogosphere and social media. Many of the sites carrying the article later updated their posts after the source citing the change to the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) could not verify their research. Whoops.

For now it seems apparent that things have not changed. But this does not mean this subject should be ignored or pushed under the rug. It seems many people do that with pedophilia, which is understandable considering the particularly heinous nature of this sexual mental disorder. The reality is that only by facing the topic can we steer the discussion towards defending the victims, the children, rather than approval for the predators.

I found myself engaged in lengthy discussions on social media with folks who were both startled and angry that pedophiles could find approval among any part of civilized society. One commenter during my discussion asked “what will this mean in the legal system?” To which I responded: Continue reading

Does Planned Parenthood Really Care About Women?

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Planned ParenthoodParents in Europe can breathe a little easier after a draft report seeking to establish abortion as a fundamental human right was rejected by the European Union.

A report on the incident states, “The resolution on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights was presented by Portuguese MEP Edite Estrela but her report is said to be the work of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in Brussels.”

The reason this is important is twofold. First, it seems our lawmakers of late envy Europe and want to refashion the United States in the image of Europe. They repeatedly cite cases, laws, and even culture as a reason for change here in the U.S. I suppose the government overreach, failing economy, and complete lack of moral compass doesn’t mean much to Washington; but it sure does to Americans. We left Europe for a reason.

The second reason this is important is that within this bill was mandates on child sex-education for public schools. I talked about these “standards” here. But rest assured, when you start with teaching 4 year-olds about masturbation, the word standard has little to no meaning. Continue reading


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