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If Homosexuals Can Marry then a Mother and Son Should Be Allowed to Marry As Well

Posted on September 1, 2016 in Marriage, Public Policy by

If you support homosexual “marriage,” you owe it to yourself to read what Matt Walsh says about a mother and son fighting for their right to “love” one another. All of the arguments used to defend and legitimize homosexual relationships and “marriage” are being used by the mother and son to defend and legitimize their incestuous relationship. And the things is: if you support the logic and reasoning used to defend homosexual “marriage” then you have no moral or legal ground to refuse to support incestuous relationships.

To prove that point, Walsh runs through the main arguments used to defend homosexual “marriage” and then applies them to incestuous relationships. Namely, he cites:

Doug Mainwaring Explains Why Gays Don’t Want to be Married

Posted on April 1, 2014 in Marriage by

Doug Mainwaring, an openly gay man, married to a women, rejecting the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex “marriage,” has gained attention in recent years for his outspoken opposition to marriage redefinition.

Mainwaring is a well educated, successful, articulate, communicator of the fact that marriage is inherently the union of a man and woman and nothing, not laws, not judges, not certificates, can change that. He has, as you might have guessed, gained a number of detractors seeking to silence him from exposing the true motives behind the LGBT agenda.

Mainwaring recently wrote an article in the American Thinker responding to some of his detractors after they viciously attacked him for daring to say that marriage cannot be redefined. you can click the link to see what some of those “tolerant” people wrote and Mainwaring’s responses. I’ve posted part of his article below because he explains in find detail common sense reasons to reject marriage redefinition. The fact that he is gay and holds this position makes him dangerous to “the cause” of liberals and those seeking more than they care to admit.

“This whole disagreement stems not from gays being discriminated against by a society that wants to deny them rights. It stems from gays choosing to abandon certain rights. Gays reject the right to marriage. Most don’t want marriage. They want something different from marriage. They want a committed, sexual relationship with another man. And in practice, sometimes these are monogamous, but let’s face it: most evolve into open or semi-open relationships.


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