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Do You Know How Much Money You Will Need for Retirement?

Posted on January 17, 2017 in Money by

Saving for retirement is not a static event. You can’t merely put a dollar amount into a 401k at age 25 and continue for the next 35 years. Retirement saving is an ever-changing event that will depend on your idea of retirement. For those that want a more quiet retirement at home, less might be needed. And for those that want to travel and buy new things regularly, more might be needed.

This Might Be the Worst Election Advice I’ve Ever Seen

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Life, Public Policy by

The upcoming election is going to be a tough decision for Christians. The last thing anyone needs is advice on who to vote for like the advice given by a Christian blogger.

Planned Parenthood Tells Young Girl to Watch “Educational Porno”

Posted on August 4, 2014 in Life, Sexuality by

What continues to amaze me about these videos from Live Action taken undercover at Planned Parenthood (PP) abortion clinics across the country, is how unconcerned the PP staffer seems to be about the age of the “patient.” According to PP 15 is not too young to not just be in a sexual relationship, but to be engaging in BDSM behavior. Am I the only one shocked by that?

It is equally disturbing that PP does not care that this young, minor child has no parent present. I mean, I knew that PP would happily do an abortion for a 15-year-old without telling her parents, and that they oppose all parental notification laws, and yet it’s still surprising to me to witness. I suppose I am surprised because if this was my child and I learned PP was giving such advice without my knowledge it would not be such a calm, serene scene. But hey, that’s me.

What kind of advice is PP giving to this underage patient?

This particular PP staffer thought it would be a good idea to tell a 15-year-old that she should find a good “educational porno” to watch. I can’t help but wonder if she would feel the same way about an adult telling her underage daughter the same thing. Suppose I decided to tell this PP staffer’s daughter that there is some great porn out there she should be watching. How would the mother react? If she has any moral scruples at all she would be furious and seek legal intervention. But she feels completely at ease telling this young girl – someone’s daughter – to go watch porn.


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