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Men and Women Have Changed Their Opinions on Marriage. Why?

Posted on May 18, 2017 in Marriage by

The lack of positive portrayal of men in the media is not coincidence. It’s part of a larger movement that has sought to change the very nature of men. The results have been catastrophic. And the people hurt most, I think, are women and children.

Studies in recent years have shown two disturbing trends: men are marrying later in life and adolescence is stretching into the early 30’s.

It doesn’t take long to see the reality of these trends. More males are putting off marriage until later in life, sometimes opting for co-habitation rather than marriage altogether. Starting a home and family is no longer a priority as perfecting X-box skills, traveling, and having the latest i-whatever is more important. (These trends have also contributed to serious financial difficulties, but that’s another issue for another day.) A recent Pew Research poll found that the number of men ages 18-34 that say having a successful marriage is a priority dropped from 35-29 percent.

Kids That Whine About What They Don’t Have Should Meet Kids Around the World

Posted on February 14, 2014 in Family by

Have your kids ever been sitting in the middle of a huge pile of toys, watching one of their 83 DVD’s, after they just got done playing on one of their game systems while they waited for the batteries in their Nintendo DS to charge so they can go on the Internet from their computer to get game codes, and whined “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do!”

In that moment, have you wanted to yell, “When I was a kid we played with sticks and rocks and we liked it!”

Kids have the craziest ability to find a way of whining about what they don’t have in the middle of enjoying the things they have been blessed with. We’ve all seen it. While swimming at a friend’s house they lament the fact they don’t have their own swimming pool. While riding the neighbor’s go-kart they complain about not owning one. While playing dress up at a slumber party they whine about not having more shoes.

But there are two very important things I want to point out when it comes to whining and complaining in our kids.

How to Deal With Entitlement in Kids…and Parents!

Posted on January 16, 2014 in Family by

And many of us want to give our kids every advantage, we want them to have everything we didn’t have growing up, so we struggle with giving our kids the latest and greatest of everything. One by-product of our sincerely good intentions is a generation with an entitlement mentality believing they are owed anything and everything. Those items we would have described as “wants” and “privileges” when we were growing up are now called “needs” and “necessities” by our kids. Something went wrong.


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