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How God’s Sovereignty Helps Explain the Events of This Life

Posted on December 19, 2017 in Theology by

As humans we have a hunger to know the facts, to know everything there is to know about a situation. It’s what drives our 24 hour a day news cycle. It’s what propels us to know the motives behind a mass shooting in Las Vegas. We want to know why things happen because, we reason, if we know the motive we can process the situation and make peace with it. So we are naturally propelled to know the “why” of every situation.

This makes reconciling God’s revealed will and His decreed will difficult. But we have to properly understand how these two wills work together in harmony or we will be tempted to think there is division in God.

The Doctrine of God: God the Creator Makes His Creativity Known

Posted on May 30, 2014 in Theology by

First, God is the author of all creation including the creative passion given to individuals today. And second, creativity for the glory of Christ should be encouraged by Christians and the church.

Many young evangelicals feel as though the church has turned its back on creativity. At various times throughout history creativity in the arts was deemed sinful and inappropriate for believers. But if God is a creator and author of all creative gifts then creating for the glory of Christ should be celebrated.

Sadly, many Christians have abandoned creativity and left music, art, literature, and movies to lost people. There is a resurgence of Christians in Hollywood that are boldly speaking about their faith. They are encouraging young believers to pursue careers in the arts for the glory of Jesus. Faith themed movies are making waves in Hollywood and stumping critics regularly. Movies like: Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Soul Surfer, The Blind Side, and God’s Not Dead are bringing faith to the big screen. We should support these works and encourage those in Hollywood making these movies. The ability of art to transcend cultural and denominational lines makes it a powerful tool we as Christians should be utilizing rather than ignoring.


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