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Don’t You Want to be in Good Hands?

Posted on December 15, 2013 in Theology by

Isn’t it comforting when you know you’re in good hands? There’s a calming peace to any circumstances when you realize the person in charge is more than capable of taking care of things. Immediately we breathe a sigh of relief and feel a massive weight lifted from our shoulders. We’re in good hands.

Have you ever considered what it means to be “in good hands” when it comes to Christ? As a born again believer, a Christ follower, the idea of every detail of our lives being in the hands of Christ means we are in the “best hands” at all times. There’s never any need to worry or be concerned because the “best hands” have everything under control. And oh what hands they are.

Those are the hands that threw stars and planets into orbit and caused the universe to spin (Psa. 147:4). Those are the hands that took common, ordinary dirt and sculpted the human body in all its wonder and beauty (Gen. 1-2). These are the hands that carved out the Ten Commandments in stone (ex. 24:12) and closed the door of the ark (Gen. 7:15-16). These are the hands that held the water of the Red Sea so Israel could walk on dry land (ex. 14:21).

Rick Warren Defines Tolerance for Piers Morgan

Posted on December 10, 2013 in Marriage, Sexuality by

The video below comes from Piers Morgans show on CNN during an interview with Pastor Rick Warren. In this clip, Warren defines tolerance for Morgan. Morgan clearly holds to the modern day, false definition of tolerance which says all views are equally valid. Warren helps Morgan by correctly defining tolerance and sharing his views on marriage.

If the video below doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser. Click here for original article.

Real Parents Don’t Encourage Gender Confusion in Children

Posted on December 2, 2013 in Sexuality by

Either the number of people claiming to be “gender confused” has dramatically risen over the past few years, or scores of confused people from the past few decades have a secret. One thing is for sure, gender confusion is now front and center in our culture.

Personally, I think the number of gender confused people has risen dramatically over the past few years. Not because people did not face such confusion in the past, but because in the past their confusion was met with compassionate counsel that encouraged them to embrace their biological gender. Today, however, such counsel is labeled “intolerant” and “bigoted” and all but outlawed.


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