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The Hypocrisy of Feminism is on Display in the Boy Scouts

Posted on November 2, 2017 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

While they claim to be about equality, and they only want to seek equality for girls, they undermine their message by refusing to advocate access for boys to girls groups. If equality was really the goal, then they would simply advocate for groups where boys and girls all have the same access. By refusing to do so they prove that equality is not really the goal, but rather the goal is to make sure there’s not a single boys group without a girl in it; while girls maintain their exclusivity.

What’s really intriguing about this change is the response from The Girls Scouts (GS).

Are You Sure You Want to Support Disney After This Decision?

Posted on March 5, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

We all saw this coming. The Boy Scouts are faced with yet another decision regarding homosexuals in their organization. After they caved to pressure to allow openly homosexual boy scouts, pressure is now mounting for the boys group to also allow openly homosexual leaders. Disney has now cut off funding from the organization unless they change their policy to allow the homosexual leaders. A recent article reports:

“Walt Disney World has decided it will stop funding the local Boy Scouts of America chapter beginning next year unless the childhood group allows open homosexuals to serve as Scoutmasters. The Disney corporation said the BSA violates its non-discrimination policy…It is not clear how much money the amusement park provided to the scouts annually. However, that revenue stream may be available again if the scouts change their policy before January 1, 2015. Homosexual groups said the decision is a sign of their growing influence in the culture, especially in the realm of children’s entertainment.”

There is so much wrong with that paragraph. First, Disney states that the Boy Scouts violate the Disney non-discrimination policy. At what point is it appropriate for one organization to demand another organization abide by its policies? But that’s the goal of liberals, progressives, and homosexuals; everyone will affirm one universal, world-wide social policy – effectively removing autonomy and individuality.

Second, the fact that homosexuals believe they are gaining influence in “the realm of children’s entertainment” is scary. They are seeking to “educate,” or rather indoctrinate kids into a particular worldview that celebrates homosexuality. Any gains in children’s entertainment should be a cause for concern for parents.

Supporting Disney at this point is simply not an option for me. They have, over the last several years become a very liberal organization that approves and celebrates a whole host of immoral behavior and views. To say the least, my family won’t be visiting anytime soon.


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