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Settled Science: You Can Be Either Male or Female

Posted on June 15, 2017 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

Let me start by saying I love the differences between men and women. I know that’s probably not a popular thing to say in our culture as we are supposed to downplay the differences between the sexes. Not me, I like the differences and I like celebrating our differences.

Up until about 10 years ago it was normal, popular even, to celebrate the differences between the sexes. Routinely within our culture we praised men for certain things and women for other things. This, despite the growing assault of the feminist movement, was nothing that would capture headlines.

Then things changed.

VIDEO: When People See Abortion They Change Their Mind About Supporting Abortion

Posted on June 21, 2016 in Life by

The video below has been circulating social media for a couple of weeks now. The video shows people being asked if they are pro-choice or pro-life. When they answer that they are pro-choice, they are shown a video of what a typical first trimester abortion looks like. Their reactions are recorded as they watch the video. Once the video is finished they are asked if their opinions have changed concerning abortion.

Everyone changes their mind.

Years ago Fr. Frank Pavone said “America won’t reject abortion until it sees abortion.” Maybe he knew how preceisely accurate his words were, maybe not. But watching this video makes it clear that many people simply don’t understand just how human the unborn are, and what terrible torture abortion really is.

I hope this video continues to circulate social media and that many more minds will be changed because of it. There is no doubt that more people are pro-life today than ever before. We need to continue to educate people on the atrocity of abortion and reject the culture of death that Planned Parenthood and its partners want us to accept.

And, let’s not forget the unborn when we vote for a president in November.

Down the Drain: University Reverses Gender-Neutral Bathroom Decision for the Reason You are Probably Thinking

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Sexuality by

I just don’t understand this. This makes no sense.

The University of Toronto is changing its bathroom policy and reducing the number of gender-neutral bathrooms. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Don’t they want to be “all-inclusive” and make transgender people feel welcome in any bathroom they choose to use?

In fact, the University of Toronto set out to do just that. They eliminated all male and all female bathrooms in order to accommodate transgender students. A move that was praised by everyone that thought making men and women share bathrooms was a good idea. Of course, only people with an incredible lack of common sense would think such an idea was good. And wouldn’t you know it, the people that said it was a terrible idea and warned that incidents of voyeurism and peeping (or worse) could occur, seem to be right.

Yep, you guessed it. Not long after the University of Toronto mandated that men and women share a bathroom and several reports of voyeurism happened.

According to an article at The Star, several women reported seeing cell phones peek above the shower stalls attempting to get images and videos of them showering. The article states:

What Message is Your Church Sending to Hurting People?

Posted on October 13, 2015 in Theology by

Last week was a little chaotic for me. During the whirlwind week, which involved a last minute flight to St. Louis, I had the chance to spend some time talking with a man that shares a very similar story as mine. By “similar story” I mean a man that spent many years in full-time vocational church ministry and is now doing something else.

But, the similarities in our stories did not end with our transition from vocational ministry to secular work. What became apparent is that we both found ourselves making similar observations about the church and our own theology. Let me share an example.

I was talking with a friend some weeks back and said “for all the talk the church does about grace and forgiveness, there seems to be very little offered.” My comment came after many people called for pastors and church leaders caught in the Ashley Madison hack to be removed from their positions (some even calling for them to be removed from church membership). This struck me as so odd. I recalled Peter denying he even knew Jesus and yet Jesus never once thought about stripping his Apostleship.

The overtone of responses by many Christians to this event left me wondering what our communities and religious skeptics thought of us when we decided it was a good idea to shoot our wounded. Fast forward to one of the first conversations I had with my new friend in St. Louis. I asked him why he was no longer in vocational ministry. He offered several reasons but included in his answer that he has been less than excited by the lack of grace and forgiveness in the local church.

Can The Church Simply Change Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage?

Posted on October 20, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality, Theology by

Some say Christians, and the church, are out of touch and “behind the times” regarding sexuality and marriage. They want us to “get with the program” and accept homosexual behavior and marriage redefinition.

While some have acquiesced to the demands of those seeking to redefine marriage by voicing their acceptance for homosexual behavior and marriage redefinition, that is no longer good enough. The demand now is that Christians and churches support, affirm, and cheerfully endorse such behavior. The idea of tolerance, once a pillar of the LGBT movement, has been demolished, replaced by verbal affirmation and celebration.

These demands are being made by people who believe it’s no big deal for the church to simply change centuries of doctrinal convictions. Furthermore, they would have us reject the plain text teaching of the Bible in favor of their culturally imposed position. Is such change even possible?

On the Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage – Christians Cannot Change

Posted on September 18, 2014 in Marriage, Theology by

It seems that with each new attack on marriage by those seeking to redefine it Christians resolve all the more to stand for the true, traditional definition and image of marriage that has been foundational throughout civilization for centuries.

This fact draws the ire of activists that can’t understand why Christians are being so stubborn and resistant to change. After all, at times in history Christians have changed their position on issues that were controversial in culture (think slavery). And even issues that are not contentious in society have been debated by Christians (think alcohol). So if Christians have changed their views on various issues at times, why won’t they change their view on marriage?

A recent article ponders this very question:

Healthy or Declining? Every Church Has a Choice to Make

Posted on September 12, 2014 in Theology by

Over the last few years I have sought to become a student of church health and growth. I grew up in churches that were of varying sizes and was always struck by the differences. What exactly makes a church grow? Why do some churches grow strong and healthy while others seem to limp along barely surviving?

The answers to those questions are vital to the health, growth, and longevity of the church.

In my search to understand the difference between a growing, healthy church and a declining church I read a lot. I make it a point to read the research and studies of church health and growth experts. In reading so much I have noticed trends among the experts regarding what it takes to reach younger generations and have a growing, healthy church. Let me share a couple of those trends with you.

I’m just looking at three of the most recent articles I’ve come across relating to church health and growth. But in each of these three articles several consistent trends appear to contribute to the decline and death of the church.


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