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Christian Business and the Ministry of Wealth Creation

Posted on November 21, 2017 in Money by

I live in the “wealth creation” world. Part of my objective is to help people create and maintain assets that will allow them to live life the way they desire. It’s what all of us in the financial services industry seek for our clients on a continual basis.

One notable difference for me is that, as a Christian, I am constantly seeking to integrate my faith into my work and be “light and salt” to those I interact with. Many believe that wealth and religion are segregated. The thought persists that our finances and our faith have nothing to do with one another. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In recent years more Christians have begun to understand the just how intertwined their faith and their finances really are.

This Might Be the Most Stunning Video of an Unborn Baby I’ve Ever Seen!

Posted on September 19, 2017 in Life by

But, the science behind this video is amazing to understand. When we think of a living human being being formed inside another human being we should pause to enjoy the awe of that reality. We breathe air. These tiny people breathe through the umbilical cord. We eat by putting food in our mouth and chewing and swallowing. The unborn are nourished by their mother through the umbilical cord.

God’s Sovereignty: A Misunderstood Doctrine that Answers Our Toughest Questions

Posted on August 23, 2017 in Theology by

That is a great place to start because it gives us a picture of exactly what it means to be sovereign and let’s us know that only God is capable of being sovereign. Since sovereignty entails absolute control over something, we need to first realize and understand that only God can be, or is sovereign.

We also need to understand that God’s sovereignty extends to everything that He has created. Practically speaking, this means that God has absolute authority and control over…everything. There is nothing outside of God’s scope of sovereignty. This means that every planet, every ocean, every animal, every human, and every atom in existence is under the ultimate and absolute authority and control of God.

Here’s Why I Cannot Support Transgender People in Their Lifestyle

Posted on May 11, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality, Theology by

I’ve seen many posts on social media from friends and acquaintances asking Christians to be supportive and understanding of the trans community. They implore us to show “the love of Christ” to people by supporting their lifestyle. That is a sinful request. It would be the same as asking Christians to support abortionists, or drug addicts in their “lifestyle.” Christians cannot and must not support any sinful behavior, action, or lifestyle. It is neither compassionate nor loving to support sin. We don’t show Christ to people when we encourage their sin. We show people a false Gospel that is not of Jesus Christ and has no power to save people from their sins. If Christians want to be loving and compassionate then we must proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, which is repentance from sins, with grace and truth as we recognize that we are sinners as well.

Can someone point to a place in Scripture where Jesus supported and accepted someone’s sin? As I recall, each and every time Jesus encountered sin He told the person to “sin no more.” He acknowledged their sin, called out their sin, and told them to repent. That is the model and the example Christians must imitate.

Creation V. Evolution: Does One Take More Faith Than Another?

Posted on April 28, 2014 in Theology by

The issue of how the world began is one of the most controversial discussions of our day. The debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye proved that people on both sides of the issue remain unconvinced by the arguments of the other side. For many adherents, whether they be to creation or evolution, the issue is a matter of faith.

If we are to be perfectly honest we must admit that whether one believes in evolution or creation there is a certain amount of faith that is involved. Line up the facts and the evidence for either argument and at the end of the day there will always be a small fragment of faith needed to resolutely proclaim belief in either side.

Why is that?

Simply put, we weren’t there.

If I visually witness a car accident I am able to give a very reliable testimony to police or even a jury if needed. My account of what took place would be considered far more reliable than that of someone that only heard the sound of the crash from inside their home.

If we translate this example to the issue of the origin of the iniverse we understand that since none of us were present when it happened, there will always be a measure of faith needed to believe in either evolution or Creation.

NBA Star Says He Believes in Creationsim

Posted on April 22, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

I’ve you’ve ever watched NBA star Blake Griffin dunk a basketball, you know why sports commentators often refer to him as a “freak of nature.” The man can jump and dunk a ball in a way that seems almost super-human. Or perhaps Griffin would say it is supernatural. Griffin has been open about his faith and his upbringing in a Christian home and going to a Christian school. So his answer should have been no surprise when he was asked whether he was “team creationism or team evolution.”

Griffin responded by saying:

“I was raised in a Christian household and went to a Christian high school, so I believe in creationisim, for sure.”

Somehow this “stunned” sports writers and reporters who then took to the media to criticize Griffin for his position and speculate whether or not he was kidding. I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised that a professing Christian raised in a Christian home would believe the biblical account of Creation. Maybe the sports writers were kidding. I really, really hope they were kidding.

Why I Believe the #CreationDebate Was an Eternal Success

Posted on February 11, 2014 in Theology by

Answers in Genesis has released a report with the official number it believes watched the debate between founder Ken Ham and evolutionist Bill Nye. Their best estimation reveals that approximately five million people watched the debate around the world; though they also believe the number could be as high as ten million. The statistics for website hits, trending on Twitter, and overall reach are impressive and you can see them here.

But while these numbers are indeed impressive and show that the world is interested in this very sensitive subject, there was more to this debate than purely arguing over origins.

Steve Golden wrote an article at the Answers in Genesis website with, what I believe, is the key to the purpose of this entire debate. He wrote:

Kids Get Into Creation Museum for FREE in 2014

Posted on January 30, 2014 in Home School by

If you’ve ever thought about taking a trip to the Creation Museum (near Cincinnati, OH), 2014 is the year you want to make that trip a reality.

Creation MuseumAnswers in Genesis has announced that admission for all kids 12 and under that are accompanied by an adult will be free for all of 2014!

AiG recently wrote:

Answers in Genesis: Ham/Nye Debate Will Be Streamed live – FREE!

Posted on January 19, 2014 in Theology by

We have been working behind the scenes in an effort to allow all interested people, wherever they are around the globe, to view this debate live. To this end, we are pleased to announce that this debate will be available to view online and free of charge at debatelive.org. We hope that many will take advantage of this opportunity to view the debate in real time. You may watch the debate at home, or organize a gathering to show the live stream to your small group, your youth group, your entire church, or other groups.

Christianity Is A Myth Without These Four Words (Part 1)

Posted on January 8, 2014 in Theology by

Suppose we wanted to preach through the entire Bible. We decided that we wanted to preach through every chapter, every verse, in every book of the entire Bible. That would be a great idea and one that would benefit us in many ways.

Some might suggest we start with a book like John. Here we would learn about Jesus, not as a lion, ox, or an eagle, as in the synoptic Gospels; but as a perfect man. John’s Gospel teaches us how we can know that we have eternal life and gives us a picture of the man Jesus unlike any other book of the Bible. But we can’t start here. If we started here we would be wondering why Jesus, God in flesh, is on the earth. Why did this God-man come to earth and walk around in a body of flesh and bone. Why did He heal people, suffer, and die on a cross. If we start in John we end up with more questions than answers. We can’t start in John.


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