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LGBT Group Can’t Handle St. Louis Cardinals Inviting Christian to Speak at Christian Family Day

Posted on July 5, 2017 in Religious Freedom, Sexuality by

Because of these comments, which Pride St. Louis calls “divisive and demeaning,” they are asking the St. Louis Cardinals to disinvite Berkmen from speaking at the Christian Family Day.

Let’s put a little perspective on this.

The Cardinals are hosting “Christian Family Day” during which they will invite Christian families to come to the ballpark and enjoy a game together. After the game, they will invite all those that want to stay to hear Berkman speak about the roll his Christian faith played in his life as a major league ball player. There’s a couple of notable things to consider here.

8 Things I Want My Toddler to Thank His Mom For (in 20 Years)

Posted on May 11, 2014 in Family by

Original post found at The Gospel Coalition

My son has just turned 2—he delegated to me the task of buying a Mother’s Day card and writing a message on it. I’m coaching him to say, “Thank you mommy” and “I love you mommy” (though it will come out, at best, as “Thar Thaw Momeeeee” and “I yubba oo Momeeeee”).

But what do I hope he will say thank you for, in 20 years, as he looks back on having grown up with a Christian mother? Here’s what I’d love him to say as a 22-year-old, as he gives his mom some Mother’s Day chocolates (chocolates, not flowers, son—chocolates tend to get shared with fathers, while flowers just get looked at on mantelpieces).

1. Thank you for putting Christ before me. You taught me from the word go that I’m not the center of your world, because I’m not the center of the world. And you told me who does have that position—the Lord Jesus. I was never allowed to rule our house, and you always made it clear that my opinions and preferences, though important, are not authoritative. Thank you for the times you were not able to spend time with me because you were ministering to someone else. Thank you for the times you were not able to spend money on me because you had given it to someone else. Thank you that in never treating me like the most important person in your life, you pointed me to the most important Person in the cosmos.

VIDEO: One Photo for Every Day of Pregnancy While Singing – Awesome Video

Posted on March 26, 2014 in Life by

One couple decided to take a photo every day of their pregnancy and make it into a music video. The result speaks for itself. It’s a beautiful picture of how valuable life is. At the very end of the video the man’s wife walks out of the picture and returns holding their newborn child.

This might be the most unique pregnancy video I’ve ever seen and it is obvious from the care that went into it that this couple was eagerly and excitedly awaiting the arrival of their child. Watching this video will do your heart some good and remind you just how beautiful life and “new things” are.

If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Can We At Least Be Content and Thankful on Thanksgiving?

Posted on November 27, 2013 in Family by

The following is an article I came across and wanted to share. It is a commentary on the American consumer society and how we can’t even be content for a few hours on what is supposed to be a national day of thanks. Rather than spending time with our families being thankful, we are arranging shopping trips to buy more because we just can’t be content, not even for a few hours on Thanksgiving. Read it and be reminded of what a day of thanks is supposed to look like. And remember, if people weren’t willing to go out and shop, stores wouldn’t open at ridiculous times, like Thanksgiving.

Is nothing sacred? Stand up for real meaning of Thanksgiving, skip the shopping on Turkey Day
by T.J. McCormack
I was almost expecting it when the KMarts and Walmarts of the world announced their stores would be open this year on Thanksgiving night. Sigh. It seemed to reflect that good ol’ American over-the-top holiday consumerism which seems to creep up on us closer and closer to Labor Day every year.


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