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Hugh Hefner: Proving Hollywood is a Hypocrite on Morality

Posted on November 15, 2017 in Uncategorized by

It’s hard to make sense of a world that can compartmentalize the lives of Harvey Weinstein and Hugh Hefner. Maybe if Weinstein would have offered to pay women and make them famous for accepting his sexual proposals he would not be in the trouble he is in right now. Then again, I think Weinstein did pay and make women famous. Just like Hefner.

And yet, Hefner is lauded and Weinstein is fired.

The Miracles of Jesus Revealed The Wonder of the God-Man

Posted on November 14, 2017 in Theology by

The simple answer is yes! He had to show us that He was Lord over all heaven and earth. He couldn’t just come and die for us without first showing us Who He really was. He knew we wouldn’t believe that He was God’s Son without some evidence, some proof that He more than just a man. He knew our hearts would doubt, even if we watched Him die. So He came as a baby, lived as a man, and bent time and space to His will with just the words of His mouth.

He needed to walk on the water so we knew that the powerful ocean was under His command. He needed to calm the storm so we knew that the untamable wind obeyed His voice. The mighty earth with vast oceans and dizzying mountains belong to Him and He wanted to make sure we knew they would bow to Him when commanded to do so.

Should Terminal Patients Like Brittany Maynard Kill Themselves?

Posted on November 12, 2014 in Life by

At 29 years old Brittany Maynard was given a terminal diagnosis. The brain cancer was terminal and in April she was given 6 months to live. Maynard then decided to her family to Oregon to take advantage of the state’s right-to-die law; which allows a person to take lethal medication to end her life “with dignity.”

Maynard decided to end her life on November 1. After much media attention and national pleading she seemed to change her mind. But then news spread across the nation on Sunday, November 2 that Brittany had taken her life.

Maynard and others want to “die with dignity, on my terms, my time, my way.”

But I have a problem with this use of speech.

Planned Parenthood Sends “Pastoral Letter” Lying About Biblical Position on Abortion

Posted on June 4, 2014 in Life by

Planned Parenthood must be feeling desperate. So desperate that they have sent a “pastoral letter” to their patients sharing their version of the Bible which includes no mention of abortion and approval for the murderous procedure. The letter is posted below so you can rad it in it’s entirety. But believe me when I tell you that there is nothing “pastoral” or biblical about this letter.

Very quickly let me point out the glaring problems. First it says that abortion is not mentioned in Scripture. That’s true, abortion by name is not mentioned, just like smoking pot, sniffing cocaine, and many other modern terms. However, the Bible is very clear that murder is wrong – you can find it in those 10 commandments. From beginning to end the Bible makes clear that murder in any form is wrong, that is undeniable. Since abortion is clearly the murder of an innocent child, it is very easy to understand that the Bible condemns abortion as murder.

The Death Penalty: Is It Right for Christians to Support Killing Murderers?

Posted on June 4, 2014 in Life, Public Policy by

To be honest I would be almost apathetic to the discussion were it not for what I believe is a clear Biblical mandate in favor of the death penalty. As much as possible I seek to base my life, my worldview, on the Bible and what it teaches. At times this means adhering to views that are not culturally popular (one man one woman marriage) and defending positions that are hotly debated (abortion is murder).

The same can be said for the death penalty. While some Christians – though they are admittedly few – believe any form of violence against a human being is wrong, most understand the clear biblical teaching in support of the death penalty.

Bible Verses to Back Up the Pro-Life Position

Posted on December 30, 2013 in Life by

Writing at March For Life, Tom McClusky made a list of 16 Bible verses that bolster the pro-life position against abortion. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but it is a great place to start in understanding what the Bible says.

What I particularly enjoy about this list is that it shows the humanity of the unborn. It should be enough to simply say “don’t kill” and leave it at that. Somehow that’s not enough for some who believe unborn children are not human, or not alive until the mother says they are. These verses however show that life begins in the womb and unborn children are just as alive as any others.

Take a look at this list and consider making a new year’s resolution to stand for life against those that seek to kill the unborn. Truly the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of life, not death. And we who claim the name of Christ should be most vocal about that life He has come to give us all.

You’ve Heard of Wrongful Death, Now We Have “Wrongful Birth.”

Posted on December 18, 2013 in Life by

Abortion advocates so believe in the “right” to abortion that they have no trouble suing over what is being called “wrongful birth.” Here’s how the story was reported recently:

“A couple in Washington state have won what is being called the biggest so-called ‘wrongful birth’ lawsuit ever, when they claim they were denied information that could have led them to abort their disabled baby. A jury in Washington state awarded a couple $50 million after genetic tests didn’t give the couple the information they wanted to know about whether their baby had a rare genetic disorder. Had the baby had the disorder, the couple planned to take his or her life in an abortion.”

In short, this couple wanted genetic testing so they could determine if they were going to kill their unborn child. When they didn’t get what they wanted and had the child, who was found to be with a rare genetic disorder, they sued.

Can you imagine looking at your child and thinking “we would have killed you if we’d only known you would be like this.” That’s the mindset of these parents. They don’t see a precious life, a joy, a gift. They see a mistake that they would not have made “if only.” Is this the society we’ve become? Have we degenerated to the place that we will actually sue someone over a “wrongful birth”?

I feel sorry for this child. I don’t see how he could possibly receive the love a child deserves from parents that consider him a mistake and regret that they didn’t kill him. I fear one day we will hear about this child being euthanized. This is truly tragic. Click here for original article.


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