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Churches Meeting in Public Schools: A Wise (and Legal) Decision

Posted on May 9, 2014 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Did you know that churches and schools used to meet in the same buildings?

Today some will claim such use of “government property” as unconstitutional, citing the non-existent “separation of church and state” clause that does NOT appear anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Despite their efforts the fact remains that churches and schools have historically sought to work together to share space in a mutually beneficial way.

Erik Stanley, writing at the Speak Up Movement blog makes this point clear:

“In the pioneer era, it was commonplace for church worship services to be held in public school buildings and for public schools to be held in church buildings. Indeed, it makes a great deal of sense for churches and schools to occupy the same physical space given that churches generally operate at times when schools are not in session and vice versa.”

Yes, it does make sense for churches and schools to meet in the same location, especially when the mutual benefits are considered.

Marriage Redefinition Seeks to Remove God from Our Understanding of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage.

Posted on May 6, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality by

Is it possible that there is a deliberate anti-Bible element to the effort to redefine marriage and sexuality? More than just some cultural shift or some desire for equality, what if this effort is really about destroying a vital aspect of biblical doctrine.

Central to the biblical teaching on sexuality and gender is the belief that men and women are “equal but different.” Within this teaching is the very simple concept that men and women are inherently different in their physical, emotional, and sexual construct, but are equal in their worth and value. That’s not a hard concept to understand when looking at a man and a woman.

Liberal ideology however is rapidly opposed to this concept and is seeking to replace it with the belief that there is no difference between men and women. Now, to be fair, the idea that there is no difference between men and women is logically absurd. One look at a man and woman will quickly reveal the obvious physical differences, the emotional differences are well documented, and the sexual differences go hand in hand with the physical differences. But, that doesn’t stop the effort to erase those inherent differences.

What, if any biblical teachings would be harmed in the effort to erase the differences between men and women?

Has Feminism Helped or Hurt Our Daughters?

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Family, Marriage by

I’ve always thought that feminism was an effort perpetrated by a few really angry, hurt women to get otherwise happy women to become angry and hurt. Of course I’m thankful that certain unjust inequities were righted; such as voting. But to me it seems the overall point of feminism has been not to achieve equality, but superiority over men. Since the movement began it has seemingly lost roots in mere equality and rights and instead sought to elevate the worth of women over that of men in a perceived battle of dominance.

Perhaps no other aspect of society has been more impacted by feminism than that of sexuality.


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