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The Hypocrisy of Feminism is on Display in the Boy Scouts

Posted on November 2, 2017 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

While they claim to be about equality, and they only want to seek equality for girls, they undermine their message by refusing to advocate access for boys to girls groups. If equality was really the goal, then they would simply advocate for groups where boys and girls all have the same access. By refusing to do so they prove that equality is not really the goal, but rather the goal is to make sure there’s not a single boys group without a girl in it; while girls maintain their exclusivity.

What’s really intriguing about this change is the response from The Girls Scouts (GS).

I Was Surprised When this Highly Respected Institution Said Encouraging Youth Transgenderism is a Form of Child Abuse

Posted on March 30, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

A court finds living as a boy when you are a girl is punishable by jail time. The American College of Pediatrics believes advocating for youth transgenderism is “child abuse.” And I am really confused by it all.

As you probably know, there is a massive push to “support” youth transgenderism. Schools and other public facilities are being pressured to allow transgender students to use whatever bathroom and locker room they want. Apparently they think it’s a great idea to let hormone-driven boys into girls bathrooms and locker rooms. Since everyone now has cell phones with cameras you can only imagine the privacy and safety issues that will no doubt result in such actions. Nonetheless, the push continues because: equality.

The media has been focused on North Carolina where a “controversial” bill to require people to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their biological sex has been passed. There has been nationwide outcry from media and activists saying that this a form of discrimination. Again, some people think allowing anyone to use any facility they choose simply by claiming to be the opposite sex is a good idea. I’m sure pedophiles and sex offenders do think it’s a good idea. However, common sense says that such measures are absurd, at best.

New Group Wants to Start a Conversation About Marriage Redefinition With Christians. But…

Posted on September 23, 2014 in Marriage by

There’s a new group seeking to change evangelicals’ minds about the definition of marriage. It’s not a LGBT activist group or even a “liberal” same-sex “marriage” group. It’s a…evangelical group?

The group calling itself “Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” wants to start a “new evangelical conversation about civil marriage equality,” according to a recent ad by the group.

I’m not sure what is wrong with the old conversation, but, based on what I’ve seen so far from the group, the new conversation isn’t worth having.

The group’s spokesman said that the intent of EME is to show that Christians can be faithful to Scripture while supporting civil marriage equality.

The Trouble With Throuples is That Throuples Are Troublesome Things

Posted on May 5, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality by

Let me make a statement I have been making for several years:

If the government redefines marriage for homosexuals ti was necessarily have to continue redefining marriage for any other group or be guilty of the same “discrimination” it now accuses traditional marriage supporters of.

Try as they may to deny it, every advocate of marriage redefinition knows intuitively that if the arguments currently winning the day to legalize same-sex “marriage” are successful, they will also be successful for polygamists, polyamorists, and even pedophiles and bestiality advocates.

Ask yourself when is the last time you heard a same-sex “marriage” advocate standing up for the rights of polygamists and polyamorists? If their goal is based on “love” and “equality” then surely they would desire the same love and equality for every other minority group hiding in the shadows, right?

But you won’t see these groups standing together or hosting town hall meetings on bus tours across the states. Why? Simply because if every day America knew that redefining marriage for one group meant doing so for every other group the wheels of the political machine churning in favor of homosexuals would come to a screeching halt.

Homosexuals and Muslims Can Refuse Service to People and No One Cares

Posted on March 13, 2014 in Marriage, Public Policy by

Let me see if I got this straight. A gay hairstylist is seeking acceptance for same-sex “marriage” and an end to what he calls “discrimination” in New Mexico. So he is seeking “equality” and “dignity” for everyone and tolerance for his lifestyle. And in order to accomplish those goals he is being intolerant by disrespecting the views of others and refusing to give equality and dignity to those who disagree with his view.

This isn’t the first time a homosexual has refused to provide services to those that disagree with their views.


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