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A Major Religious Freedom Victory You Probably Didn’t Hear About

Posted on June 6, 2017 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Adamson made it very clear that he would be willing to print shirts for the group if it did not promote the homosexual lifestyle, which he told the newspaper. This shows that he has no animosity towards any person and he certainly does not hate anyone. Adamson simply wants to live and do business according to his religious convictions. And he does not want the government to tell him he must support a message that violates those convictions.

Adamson also told The Blaze that it was about the message of the pride festival and the fact that it would violate his convictions to support that message:

Christians Don’t Hate – But They Do Have Convictions

Posted on May 27, 2015 in Religious Freedom by

A very significant court ruling was handed down not long ago and I bet you didn’t know anything about it.

The Fayette Circuit Court in Kentucky ruled that a printer did not discriminate by refusing to print a t-shirt for a gay pride parade.

Blaine Adamson owns Hands On Originals. This printing company prints many items, including t-shirts. Not long ago an LGBT pride group came to HOO asking them to print a t-shirt for the upcoming pride rally in Lexington. Adamson refused their request based on his religious convictions and offered to set them up with another local printer for the same price.

The group went elsewhere to get their shirt printed.

But, I’m sure you can guess where this is going, a discrimination suit was filed against HOO and Adamson.

I reported on this incident a while back because of some of the unique aspects to the case. For starters, this is one of a few cases that does not involve someone in the wedding services industry. Most of the cases of “discrimination” we are seeing take place involve photographers, bakers, and florists refusing services for gay weddings. Btu this is a printer being asked to print something for a gay pride parade.

If ever there was a need for protection surely it would be for someone printing actual words. Right? No one would try to force another person to print words that violate his religious and moral convictions, right? Wrong.

Government Demands Christian Support and Promote Gay Pride Parade (Video)

Posted on November 5, 2014 in Religious Freedom, Sexuality by

What if you were asked to produce a message supporting something that violated your conscience, or religious convictions? Would you do it?

That is exactly the position the owner of a Christian t-shirt printing business found himself in when he was asked to print a t-shirt promoting the local gay-pride festival. When the Lexington, KY based Gay and Lesbian Services Organization asked Hands On Originals, a Christian-owned printing company, to print their gay-pride parade shirts, owner Blaine Adamson declined.

But, lest anyone believe this is a case of hate, bigotry, or discrimination, a few details need to be known. First, Hands On Originals has worked with gays in the past, even employing gay people at one time. A recent article at The Blaze notes:


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