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Planned Parenthood is Really “Angry” Over Bill to Repeal Obamacare. Why?

Posted on June 1, 2017 in Life by

Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest abortion merchant. That’s really all they do. Sure, they hand out condoms, they give birth control pills to girls and women, and they will offer a pregnancy test. But, in the form of substantive health care services to women, including pregnant women, they have nothing more to offer than abortions. So let’s not trick ourselves into thinking that Planned Parenthood is somehow a health center where any person, male or female, can receive comprehensive health care services.

This makes Cecile Richards’ letter complaining over the new healthcare repeal “defunding Planned Parenthood” and “stripping healthcare from millions,” an act of desperation.

Commentary: What the Hobby Lobby Case is Really About and the False Claims of the Left

Posted on July 5, 2014 in Life by

This decision really blocks women from being able to make their own health care decisions? Really? Are there religions that really do oppose health care (strawman argument)? Where are all those business owners who oppose all health care? Why aren’t they suing the government?

Wasserman Schultz also expressed concerns for later implications of the law, pointing out that women use birth control to treat illnesses, such as endometriosis and serious menstrual cramping, and saying “the life function day to day for women is dramatically impacted by this decision.”

The decision was limited to four pills. For some reason Wasserman Schultz thinks every pill, pills that help endometriosis and menstrual cramping were banned. Building a strawman, she uses irresponsible language when she says, “the life function day to day for women is dramatically impacted by this decision.”


Posted on June 19, 2014 in Public Policy by

When Dr. Ben Burris saw a need in his community to help those who cannot afford dental care, he decided to offer greatly reduced cleanings and another doctor, Dr. Elizabeth Gohl, offered free extractions for the less fortunate. Having two highly trained professionals offering their services is what we need to encourage, but some do not like it. Who would be opposed to these great acts of compassion? The answer, the government!

Burris and Gohl are not the only ones being targeted. Dentists and doctors in West Virginia, Idaho, Nevada, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oklahoma, are running afoul of regulations established by federal and state governments that are limiting these physicians’ charity work.

That is right, charity is a target of regulations. These doctors have the possibility of losing their license if they continue to operate in their profession by offering free services.

The only people who are hurt by these charity services are other businesses who are losing money–money from people who can’t afford it. Other than that, the Doctor is giving his/her personal time, money, staff, and supplies for no other reason than wanting to help others.


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