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AMAZING VIDEO: MRI Shows Unborn 20 Week Old Child Stretch and Move

Posted on February 20, 2018 in Life by

In the video we get to see the child in amazing detail through the use of MRI and ultra-sound technology. We get to watch as the child turns her head, kicks her legs, squirms around seeming to try and reposition or get comfortable in her small living space. She even stretches her legs. And, if you look closely, you will see this little child’s beating heart. Once you see a video like this, it is impossible to deny that this is a living human being.

Are the Unborn Really Human? These Images Answer the Question

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Life by

Somehow, with all the scientific advancements available to our society, there is still a debate surrounding the humanity of the unborn. Planned Parenthood and NARAL continue to lie – saying that the unborn are not truly human. And yet they, along with many other abortion advocates would cheer the discovery of “life” should a single-celled organism be found on Mars.

The following images tell a very different story, a trust story of just how human the unborn really are. Be warned, some of these images are graphic. Critics often decry the graphic nature of these images as “inappropriate” for civil society. Hmm…in a world where graphic violence can be found in movies, television shows, video games, and all over the Internet, their criticisms sound more like ideological objections than legitimate concerns. The reason for sharing these images is articulated well by LifeNews.com when they first posted the images:

The images are posted below as a witness to both the humanity of the unborn and the brutality of abortion. Perhaps if more people see abortion, they will, like most, be convinced of its immoral, brutal violence against the unborn.

Is The Supreme Court Leaning Pro-Life?

Posted on November 6, 2014 in Life by

There’s an argument in favor of legalizing same-sex “marriage” that says if legalized it will unite the country and remove a cultural wedge issue. One need only to look to the issue of abortion to know how absurdly false that claim is. The fact is, legalizing same-sex “marriage” will no more unite the country than the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court did.

Speaking of Roe and abortion, the Supreme Court has, in recent years, been a far more pro-life court than many have expected. Maybe it’s due to the advancement of science that was previously unavailable to the court. Maybe the court would have ruled differently had this science been available in 1973?

Or maybe it is the growing public sentiment supporting life that is having an impact on the court. As science increasingly reveals the humanity of the unborn the American public increasingly supports defending life at its earliest stages. As the American public makes their convictions known through elections, boycotts, and support for state level legislation, there is no doubt the Supreme Court is watching.

Marriage Redefinition Seeks to Remove God from Our Understanding of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage.

Posted on May 6, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality by

Is it possible that there is a deliberate anti-Bible element to the effort to redefine marriage and sexuality? More than just some cultural shift or some desire for equality, what if this effort is really about destroying a vital aspect of biblical doctrine.

Central to the biblical teaching on sexuality and gender is the belief that men and women are “equal but different.” Within this teaching is the very simple concept that men and women are inherently different in their physical, emotional, and sexual construct, but are equal in their worth and value. That’s not a hard concept to understand when looking at a man and a woman.

Liberal ideology however is rapidly opposed to this concept and is seeking to replace it with the belief that there is no difference between men and women. Now, to be fair, the idea that there is no difference between men and women is logically absurd. One look at a man and woman will quickly reveal the obvious physical differences, the emotional differences are well documented, and the sexual differences go hand in hand with the physical differences. But, that doesn’t stop the effort to erase those inherent differences.

What, if any biblical teachings would be harmed in the effort to erase the differences between men and women?

Beautifully Graphic Photo Shows the Humanity of the Unborn

Posted on March 2, 2014 in Life by

The following photo is baby Noah. He died due to spontaneous miscarriage at just 12 weeks and 5 days old. What makes that so horrible is that Noah is at the age when most unborn children are aborted.

Planned Parenthood and abortion advocates tell us that unborn children are blobs of tissue, not really living, and not human. But I ask you to take a look at the photo below and tell me if any of those statements seems remotely true or even logical. The fact is, an unborn child at 12 weeks is every bit as human as a 12 year old; and deserves to be fully protected from the horrors of abortion.

Breathtaking Video Shows Conception to Birth

Posted on January 11, 2014 in Life by

The video posted below is breathtaking. This video is a visualization of what the process of conception all the way through birth looks like. While the process may not look exactly like this in every case, there is no doubt that the accuracy of the process has been captured. And, if you pay attention to the words used to describe the various stages, the author of this film uses the word baby to describe the life being formed.

Here’s some additional facts visualized through this video:

24 hours: the baby’s first division
25 days: heart chamber is developing
32 days: arms and hands are developing
36 days: Most rapid development – if the baby continued to grow at this speed for the entire 9 months, it would be 1.5 tons at birth
45 days: baby’s heartbeat is twice as fast at the mother’s
52 days: developing retina, nose and fingers
The baby’s continual movement in the womb is necessary for muscular and skeletal growth
9 months: baby has 60,000 miles of vessels bringing nutrients and taking waste away
Birth: mystery, magic and miracle.
Take a few moments to watch this incredible video and then share it with others so they can be awed by the miracle of life and the humanity of the unborn. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser. Click here for original article.

Woman Carries “Stone Baby” in Her Stomach for 40 Years

Posted on December 17, 2013 in Life by

When an 82 year-old Colombian woman went to the doctor for her stomach pains, she never expected to hear that she was carrying a 40-year-old “stone baby.” The condition, known as lithopedion, or stone baby, occurs when the baby begins developing outside the womb. Because a woman’s stomach is not suitable to sustaining life, the body fights what it believes to be an infection by calcifying the unborn child. The result is a “stone baby” that can go undetected for years.

It’s interesting to note that even the laymen’s term for this condition, “stone baby” makes reference to the fact that what is inside the woman is indeed a baby. Just as kidney stones or gall stones refer to the type of stone growing inside a person, so too does this name, stone baby, refer to what is inside the woman: a baby.

Even when things don’t happen as they should in order to produce a healthy, living baby, the humanity of the unborn can be seen. Click here for original article.


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