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Pro-Life Medical Professionals Should “Promote” Abortion

Posted on September 5, 2017 in Life by

He’s right. He does have two patients, and his job is to serve both of those patients. He’s right to oppose the law and defend his right to live and do business according to his religious conviction. But, what if sharing information about abortion and informing his patients of what abortion is could actually further strengthen the pro-life position in our culture?

Let me explain.

Are the Unborn Really Human? These Images Answer the Question

Posted on December 31, 2014 in Life by

Somehow, with all the scientific advancements available to our society, there is still a debate surrounding the humanity of the unborn. Planned Parenthood and NARAL continue to lie – saying that the unborn are not truly human. And yet they, along with many other abortion advocates would cheer the discovery of “life” should a single-celled organism be found on Mars.

The following images tell a very different story, a trust story of just how human the unborn really are. Be warned, some of these images are graphic. Critics often decry the graphic nature of these images as “inappropriate” for civil society. Hmm…in a world where graphic violence can be found in movies, television shows, video games, and all over the Internet, their criticisms sound more like ideological objections than legitimate concerns. The reason for sharing these images is articulated well by LifeNews.com when they first posted the images:

The images are posted below as a witness to both the humanity of the unborn and the brutality of abortion. Perhaps if more people see abortion, they will, like most, be convinced of its immoral, brutal violence against the unborn.

Education in Chicago: 5th Graders Learn About Female Condoms and See Pictures!

Posted on November 24, 2014 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

I don’t care if people call this a “pet peeve” of mine. I will continue to be alarmed (and seek to alarm others) of the graphic nature of public school sex-education programs.

A recent report coming out of Chicago once again underscores the absolutely inappropriateness of the material being taught to 5th graders! Yes, 5th graders. Here’s some of the lessons being taught:

How to put on male and female condoms. (They are also being shown graphic illustrations of this procedure.)
How to use condoms for anal sex and encouraged in this practice.
They are being told the “Plan B morning after pill” is not an abortion pill.
They can get sexual and reproductive services without parental consent.

If you read through that paragraph without being shocked and angered that 10-year-olds are being taught such material, it’s time to reconsider your values.

The article reports:

Have You Seen The Awesome Pics of Unborn Animals? Amazing!

Posted on January 23, 2014 in Life by

I love photography. Especially photography of things that we can’t normally see, such as space and underwater images. For this reason the images below of unborn animals is an amazing sight that we all need to take a moment to see and share.

What is so unbelievable is that each of these unborn animals looks just like the adult, born, version. perhaps you thought that animals somehow looked strange and unrecognizable before they were born. These images will show without a doubt that they in fact look exactly as they do when they are born.

Please take a moment to look at these amazing images and then share them with others. Be sure to pay attention to the last image, it is particularly special and important.

Amazing Pictures: Photog Captures First Moments of Life

Posted on December 30, 2013 in Life by

Some contend that life begins “when the mother decides life begins.” This is not just a patently false position it is logically absurd. The argument is a weak attempt to justify abortion. The lack of logic and rational thought behind the position is so obvious that few dare use it. But for those who do try and use this silly position they should take a look at the images captured by a photographer at a university hospital in Europe.

A recent article says of the images:

“A photographer has captured the wondrous, miraculous moment of birth – in all its raw and unglamourised glory. Taken before a mother has seen her baby for the first time these amazing photographs show the reality of how we all enter this world.
The warts and all pictures are the work of respected Danish photographer Suste Bonnen who was given unprecedented access to mothers while they were in labour.”


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