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Two Reasons Why Many Churches Are Dying…or…Killing Themselves. Part 2: Unbiblical Pastoral Expectations

Posted on February 17, 2015 in Theology by

Last week I wrote about how unbiblical church structure is killing the church. By having an unbiblical structure the church opens itself up for unqualified leaders to be put in place, and the schisms and disunity that comes through constantly holding church votes. Today I want to talk about another characteristic that is killing the church: unbiblical expectations of pastors.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid I thought it was the pastor’s job to be available to everyone in the church 24/7. No matter what day or time, if someone called, the pastor dropped what he was doing and sprinted out the door to “minister.” This meant being available via phone while on vacation – if you took a vacation, and not letting family outings or anything else get in the way.

The pastor was required to wear a suit and tie at all times – apparently it’s in the Bible somewhere. And while the pastor is expected to be an expert in all things Bible – such as theology, Greek, Hebrew, and application – his primary job was to serve the people of the church in any way they desired. Such things as vision are better left to the people that have been at the church since it began. And decisions regarding the budget and how to spend the money are for committees the pastor isn’t a part of. And should the pastor feel led to being or end a particular ministry it would be in his best interest to get approval from the congregation by holding a vote.

The Death Penalty: Is It Right for Christians to Support Killing Murderers?

Posted on June 4, 2014 in Life, Public Policy by

To be honest I would be almost apathetic to the discussion were it not for what I believe is a clear Biblical mandate in favor of the death penalty. As much as possible I seek to base my life, my worldview, on the Bible and what it teaches. At times this means adhering to views that are not culturally popular (one man one woman marriage) and defending positions that are hotly debated (abortion is murder).

The same can be said for the death penalty. While some Christians – though they are admittedly few – believe any form of violence against a human being is wrong, most understand the clear biblical teaching in support of the death penalty.


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