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An Open Letter to Hollywood Regarding Ratings (And Morality)

Posted on November 9, 2017 in Sexuality by

But the straw that just might break this tired old camel’s back is your “moral outrage” over conservative values. For decades you have tried to shame people into abandoning their conservative moral positions. You have memorialized every immoral action under the sun and told us how “heroic” it is. Your talking heads have repeatedly blasted anyone disagreeing with your “moral outrage” while you actively end the careers of men and women brave enough to espouse a different view.

And you did this while keeping the secrets of sexual deviants and abusers.

Planned Parenthood is Really “Angry” Over Bill to Repeal Obamacare. Why?

Posted on June 1, 2017 in Life by

Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest abortion merchant. That’s really all they do. Sure, they hand out condoms, they give birth control pills to girls and women, and they will offer a pregnancy test. But, in the form of substantive health care services to women, including pregnant women, they have nothing more to offer than abortions. So let’s not trick ourselves into thinking that Planned Parenthood is somehow a health center where any person, male or female, can receive comprehensive health care services.

This makes Cecile Richards’ letter complaining over the new healthcare repeal “defunding Planned Parenthood” and “stripping healthcare from millions,” an act of desperation.

Margaret Sanger: Planned Parenthood Founder Shares Racist Vision in Her Own Words

Posted on November 1, 2016 in Life by

You might have missed the historic anniversary that took place recently. There was fanfare and celebration and the media even made sure to mention it. Sadly though, the celebration was over the millions of unborn babies killed by Planned Parenthood.

The 100th year of the world’s largest abortion merchant saw everyone from celebrities to politicians applaud and thank Planned Parenthood for their efforts in killing the unborn. Many people, however, have no idea that Planned Parenthood was founded by a racist woman that hated minorities and anyone that was different than herself.

Margaret Sanger was a first-class racist that had ties to the Klu Klux Klan and routinely wished that minorities could be exterminated. An article recently recounted some of her statements and writings. They are posted below so you can educate yourself, and share them with others in an effort to help people see the true intent behind Planned Parenthood and the push to abort the unborn.

Rep. Diane Black Responds to Actress That Said She had Never Regretted Her Abortion in Powerful Letter

Posted on March 17, 2016 in Life by

Amy Brenneman decided to share her abortion story with the world. She was candid in her admission that she has “never, not for one moment, regretted my abortion.” She decided to share this aspect of her life in hopes of raising more support for abortion. Her concern that abortion is losing support to the pro-life movement prompted her to tell the world how proud she was of her own abortion.

In response to Brenneman’s story, Rep. Diane Black, a staunch pro-life Congresswoman that had a 40 year career as a nurse has written an open letter to the actress. Rep. Black wrote her letter with the utmost respect and civility, something often missing from political discourse today. Rep. Black even apologized for the lack of “compassion and empathy” on the part of pro-lifers in the past, saying:

“I also know that some who, like me, identify as pro-life and oppose abortion have not always conveyed that opinion with the compassion and empathy that should be afforded to this topic on both sides of the debate, and for that I am sorry.”

But at the heart of Rep. Black’s letter is the firm conviction that life must be defended from the moment of conception if we are truly going to claim to be the land of the free.

Read Rep. Black’s powerful letter in its entirety below. Let us be reminded that while those fighting for abortion are often ideological hypocrites, they still deserve our respect and civility in discourse. I thank Rep. Black for her tireless effort to defend the most vulnerable among us. She is no doubt part of the reason so many young women are pro-life and standing together to defend the unborn.

Too Little Too Late? Lifeway Stores Pull “Heavenly Visitation” Items

Posted on March 31, 2015 in Theology by

In case you didn’t know, Lifeway Christian Stores, the main retail outlet owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, has announced it will pull all “heaven visitation items” from their shelves. This is a great announcement, but one that comes with a bitter side.

If you are wondering what a “heaven visitation item” is, it is simply any book or DVD sharing the personal account of a visitation to heaven. Think: “Heaven is for Real,” or “The boy Who Came Back from Heaven.” These accounts are supposedly the tales of people who for one reason or another (trauma, accident) claim to have visited heaven but came back. They are sharing their accounts via books and movies under the guise of “heaven visitation.”

So why is it a good thing that Lifeway is pulling such items from their shelves? Well, for starters, the accounts given by most people who claim to have died and gone to heaven contradict accounts in the Bible. For this reason such claims cannot be trusted, and should not be given credit by Christians.

Let’s take for a moment the account given by Alex Malarkey. He is the teenager that claimed is his 2010 book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” to have died during a medical emergency, visited heaven, then came back. The book was a big success and Malarkey and his family made a lot of money on the back of that account.

But, just recently Malarkey released a statement saying the whole thing was made up. Kind of ironic considering his last name. Or perhaps more apropos. Malarkey’s statement reads in part:

Jefferson Bethke Writes a Letter To His Unborn Daughter

Posted on January 5, 2015 in Life by

Jefferson Bethke, a spoken-word artist that gained fame for his video “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,” recently wrote a letter to his unborn daughter and then read it to her after she was born. In the video Jefferson shares some practical insight with his infant daughter and let’s her know how proud he is to be her daddy. But he also shares truth with her, that life is hard, and sometimes things don’t make sense. But in it all, Jefferson, true to his calling, shares Jesus in the video and lets his daughter know that Christ is the most important thing about life.

Watch the video below. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Planned Parenthood “Pastoral Letter” is Full of Lies and Bad Theology

Posted on December 2, 2014 in Life by

Once again the Religious Affairs Committee has sent out a letter explaining, in part, that abortion “will not threaten your relationship with God.” I want to highlight the main points of the letter and respond to each. I do this because it helps us prepare a biblical defense against abortion and anyone, including pastors that would try to convince us of its legitimacy.

– We believe, as religious leaders in our faith communities, that abortion is a morally permissible choice for a woman facing a problem pregnancy.

It’s interesting to me that no Scripture was used to support this claim. The pastors I know and trust always have Scripture to back up their positions. This lets me know that it’s not just their opinion but a biblically formed position that can be verified and supported through the Bible. The fact that Scripture is not used to support this claim is dubious.

Maybe there is no Scripture included because the actual Bible contradicts their position. Over and over the Bible says that God formed babies in the womb (Psa. 139:2; Isa. 44:2; 24; Jer. 1:5). The Bible makes clear that killing is murder (Ex. 20:13; Matt. 5:21; Rom. 13:9; Jas. 2:11). The theology is easy here.

The fact that this letter does not define a “problem pregnancy” other than to say it could be due to “medical, physical, emotional, economic, and relational reasons” is misleading. Some will support abortion if the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother – something that could certainly be considered a “problem.” But to lump these other factors in with such a rate and extreme scenario shows that Planned Parenthood is still willing to mislead and deceive people in order to perform more abortions.

Planned Parenthood Letter: We Need Your Help After the Elections

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Life by

It’s no secret that conservative lawmakers swept through the country in the recent mid-term elections. It’s also no secret that those lawmakers are strongly pro-life. Though groups like Planned Parenthood try and deny it, the reality is that America is a predominantly pro-life country.

The trend toward life has been steadily increasing every year. On the state level more pro-life laws have been passed in the last three years than in the previous decade combined. The demand for an end to abortion on demand continues to grow and, were it not for the most pro-abortion president in history, we would see federal pro-life laws passed.

At the end of the night when it was obvious that pro-life lawmakers were headed to Washington to be a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, it is understandable that abortion advocates became very nervous.

So nervous is Planned Parenthood that they wasted no time in sending a “we really need your support right now” email to their constituents. It’s not a surprise that Planned Parenthood is nervous given the fact that without President Obama they would not receive the $500 million in tax dollars each year they currently enjoy. That’s our money folks…killing babies.

UPDATE: US Civil Rights Commission Tells Houston Mayor to Leave Pastors Alone

Posted on October 27, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

The news that Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, Texas subpoenaed the sermons and other communications from several pastors after the passage and attempted repeal of a controversial “bathroom bill” in the city has become a national matter.

Bathroom bills are dangerous, to say the least. Typically a bathroom bill will allow a man to use the women’s bathroom, locker room, or other facilities (and vice versa) based on little more than a perceived gender identity. In other words a man can simply say that he is a woman and be allowed to use the women’s facilities. The dangers of such bills seem obvious to everyone but the activists pushing for their passage.

When the Houston bathroom bill was being proposed by the city many pastors spoke out against it and even encouraged their congregations to oppose the bill. Such speech is not merely appropriate for a pastor inside his church it is constitutionally protected speech. But that didn’t stop the city of Houston and Mayor Annise Parker from subpoenaing the sermons, emails, and other communication of these pastors.

That’s when people across the country got mad.

“Pastors” Use God to Support Abortion in Planned Parenthood Letter – Again!

Posted on July 12, 2014 in Life by

Remember that “Pastoral Letter” sent out by Planned Parenthood to support abortion? The one that was so offensive they removed it from their website? Well, it seems that they have drafted a second “pastoral letter” supporting women who kill their unborn children. This letter shows the names of the “Religious Affairs Committee” and the denominations they represent. Not surprising is the fact that most of the denominations represented are dying and desperately seeking to fill pews. Even more shocking is that any “pastor” would dare support the intentional murder of an unborn child. See the cover page of the letter and the text of the letter below. (H/T to LifeNews.com for reporting this.


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