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The Feminist Worldview is Incompatible with Love Because It Is Selfish

Posted on January 4, 2018 in Marriage by

Welcome to modern feminism. In our feminist culture where men are evil and must be defeated, women are never to do anything that could be considered demeaning. Such things include: cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, any kind of housework, decorating (for holidays or otherwise), and a whole host of other terrible, awful jobs. Any of these things are “below women” and only serve to set women back decades.

How Christians Can Impact Society Regarding Marriage by Being Different

Posted on December 4, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality by

A majority of the world, including a majority if Christians support marriage redefinition!

That is what the media would have us all believe. One post after another constantly trumps the “fact” that people the world over have almost unanimously embraced marriage redefinition. Not to mention the world’s Christians have decided to be “on the right side of history” and support marriage redefinition.

If I didn’t know better I would be tempted to believe that my biblical view of marriage as the union of one man and one woman the way God designed and ordained it – is a minority view no longer within the mainstream of respectable thought.

Thankfully, I know better.

But while the media and those seeking to recreate what God ordained are busy trying to convince everyone that the world, especially Christians, now support marriage redefinition and homosexuality, history reminds us that such is not the case. In fact, history reminds us that Christians have been, and continue to be distinctive based on their sexual ethic.

In an article at The Gospel Coalition, Michael J. Kruger takes us back to the 2nd century A.D. where Christianity has gained some popularity, much to the chagrin of the Roman Empire.


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