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Have You Been Fooled By These 5 Myths of Reformed Theology?

Posted on June 7, 2017 in Theology by

I appreciate an article by Michael Horton in which he helps to clear up some of the more common myths surrounding Reformed Theology. Horton is a well-respected theology professor and theologian that regularly blogs and discusses theological topics at his podcast, The White Horse Inn. Horton carefully discusses each of these myths and others in great detail in his work For Calvinism.

The above referenced article addresses five of the more common myths surrounding Reformed Theology in a quick, overview type format. The five myths that Horton addresses are:

Having Trouble with The Doctrine of Election? Start Here (Part 2)

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Theology by

In these verses we come to understand that the will of man is bent on evil and rejection of God. There is no one that will, of his own free will, choose God (Rom. 3:10-19). In fact, the human will is so captive to sin that no man has any desire for God and prefers the darkness over the light (John 3:19). This means that the idea of free will is true. But it also means that if given a choice man will always choose sin, the darkness, and always choose to reject Christ.

When given the choice between sin and Christ, man will always choose sin.

VIDEO: Actor Jim Caviezel Delivers Powerful Message

Posted on May 17, 2014 in Life, Religious Freedom by

I am a huge Jim Caviezel fan. My first exposure to him was his role as Jesus in Mel Gibson’s epic movie “The Passion of the Christ.” Since that movie took the world by storm I have been a fan of Caviezel for his willingness to stand boldly for his faith in Hollywood.

Even though Caviezel knew that it could be a death sentence for his career as an actor, he felt called to make the movie and was obedient to that call. Since that time Caviezel has been an outspoken voice for faith in a town not know for any faith at all.

In this video Jim Caviezel shares on everything from how he got the role as Jesus in The Passion to his latest project recording an audio Bible. And while I wish someone else was doing the interview – this particular guy is a little too light-hearted for the message being shared, the message shared by Jim Caviezal in this video is a much needed one.


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