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Will Christians Continue to Support Bernie Sanders After His Attack on Faith?

Posted on June 27, 2017 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Vought is an evangelical Christian. As such he dares to hold the audacious view that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. Though this is the “enlightened” 21st century, Vought is so “narrow-minded” and “intolerant” as to believe what the Bible says about salvation and what 2000 years of Christians have continued to believe: Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. He even made this mind-blowing statement:

Islamic Leader Calls for “Right” of Polygamy to Be Recognized

Posted on August 24, 2016 in Marriage, Public Policy by

As same-sex “marriage” became a cultural obsession in our country, polygamy advocates quietly stood in the shadows, waiting. They were waiting to see what the courts would do as they planned to take action in light of their decision. When the Supreme Court of the United States decided to create a constitutional right to same-sex “marriage” and legalize it, polygamy advocates rejoiced.

If the government decides that two men or two women have the right to be married, what possible legal or moral ground is there for the government to fall back on in refusing to legalize polygamy? That is the question that will soon be asked, and need to be answered.

The question is already being asked abroad.

To My Catholic Friends: Did You Hear What the Pope Just Said?

Posted on June 22, 2016 in Religious Freedom, Theology by

In recent years very prominent Christians have made heretical claims. Claims like hell isn’t real by former pastors like Rob Bell shocked the Christian church and brought immediate outcry. That claim seems to be miniscule in comparison to what Pope Francis has recently claimed.

Pope Francis gave an interview with La Croix, a French-Catholic publication, not long ago. In the interview the Pope made a statement that defies the imagination for the leader of the Catholic Church and has some saying he is the “anti-Pope.”

Pope Francis said:

Reason #1 for Not Supporting Donald Trump: He is Clueless About Religious Freedom

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

It seems Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election. While many are extremely happy about that possibility, I am more concerned than ever about the future of our country.

First of all, let me say that I believe God is alive and well and continuing to be sovereign over all that takes place. As the Bible clearly indicates, God uses rulers (presidents) to bless and to punish nations. How Donald Trump will be used by God should he become president is not for me to prophesy about; I’ll leave that in God’s hands.

However, statements by Trump from a few months ago give me little reason to be excited by his nomination and possible presidency.

It was reported a few months ago that Trump wanted a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” until elected officials can “figure out what is going on.”

Trump went on to say that he would like to stop all Muslims from entering the country

Theologian James White Explains How Christians Should Think About Islam and Muslims

Posted on December 8, 2015 in Family, Religious Freedom by

There is no doubt that Muslims, Islam, and ISIS are front and center in the news. All of us will – if we haven’t already – have a conversation about whether these people are one and the same or if they can be separated. The talking points are reaching a fever pitch as political candidates are calling for deportations and registries here in the US for Muslims that want to be in our country. With all the noise it can be hard for Christians to know what the proper, biblical attitude toward Muslims should be. I confess that I have struggled with knowing exactly how the situation should be handled. (I’m thankful I’m not in a position where my opinion matters.)

I found this short video featuring world-renowned scholar James White helpful. In the video, posted on YouTube, White discusses some basics about Islam and a starting point for Christians that want to think through the issue. On one hand we want to extend the love of Christ and be a visual example of the Gospel to people trapped in a dark and violent religion. On the other hand we want to protect our family, our friends, and our country from people that seemingly hate us and want to inflict unending violence against us. That is not an enviable position.

Take a few moments to listen to Dr. White explain a good starting point for us as Christians as we think through this difficult and highly controversial issue. We need to have more than raw emotions and political talking points when we discuss Islam and Muslims. Our theology must carry over to this issue. Dr. White’s thought will help with that. I hope you find this as helpful as I did. (If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.)

Pro-Lifers – Not Muslim Terrorists – Are Responsible for San Bernardino Shootings?

Posted on December 7, 2015 in Life by

Two shootings have occurred in the last month. I know you know about them, we all know about them because the media is fixated on the shootings. They want to bring us every possible detail – even the ones we don’t want or need – in order to make sure we all know that these shootings are the fault of the pro-life movement and global warming skeptics.

Yep, you read that right. According to the media and all their political allies, such as President Obama, Planned Parenthood, members of Congress, and many Hollywood elite, these shootings were caused by pro-lifers and global warming skeptics.

Now, if that seems odd and not at all sensible to you, you are probably exercising common sense and critical thinking skills. These skills are not as common as you think in our current culture where political correctness and groupthink rule the day. So if you’re paying attention to actual facts about these cases and have concluded that the shooters were neither pro-life nor did they have anything to do with the global warming issue, you’re doing just fine.

The first shooting, taking place at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, CO. was the work of a man that has been identified as a registered Independent voter, a woman, and a transgender. To date no one can show any ties to the pro-life movement. And yet, simply because he chose a Planned Parenthood clinic to commit a violent crime every pro-lifer has been blamed. In fact, even pro-life views have been called out by the liberal media for being “violent.” Can someone please help me understand how asking for all life – from conception to natural death – to be respected is “violent”?

If You Thought Christians and Muslims Were Treated Equal When It Comes to Wedding Cakes – WATCH THIS!

Posted on April 6, 2015 in Marriage, Religious Freedom by

I cannot explain the absolute hypocrisy among the liberal media and politicians concerning Christians and wedding cakes any better than this video illustrates. A Christian bakery declines to serve a gay wedding and LGBT activist and media heads explode with every derogatory name and insinuation possible. But, if a Muslim baker refuses…not a peep. The quiet is deafening. Why?

Well, my very uneducated theory is simply that Muslims are a media darling and Christians aren’t. Besides, no one is afraid Christians will come blow them up. That may sound rude but it’s also the truth. While Christians around the world seek peace and try to serve others with acts of compassion, many Muslims are beheading or blowing up people that don’t agree with them. What other possible explanation could there be for ignoring and excusing a “religion” that declares homosexuals should die (and then kills them)?

Watch the video and be enlightened about the culture we face as people of faith. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Christians Opposing Homosexuality Must Be Fired. Muslims Not So Much.

Posted on April 25, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

We learned from Brendan Eich that if you support traditional marriage and people at your job find out, you could be fired. But for anyone that thinks this is an isolated incident and nothing to worry about; think again.

The Telegraph is reporting that a Christian nursery worker has been fired for refusing to read books about homosexuals to children. Citing her religious beliefs, Sarah Mbuyi said it would violate her convictions to read such stories to children. She was fired for those convictions and is now suing her former employer.

This is only the latest in a string of incidents where Christians have been fired or forced to resign for their religious convictions. In some cases, people were fired for exercising their constitutional rights as private citizens outside their place of employment. The case of Crystal Dixon at the University of Toledo comes to mind.

Homosexuals and Muslims Can Refuse Service to People and No One Cares

Posted on March 13, 2014 in Marriage, Public Policy by

Let me see if I got this straight. A gay hairstylist is seeking acceptance for same-sex “marriage” and an end to what he calls “discrimination” in New Mexico. So he is seeking “equality” and “dignity” for everyone and tolerance for his lifestyle. And in order to accomplish those goals he is being intolerant by disrespecting the views of others and refusing to give equality and dignity to those who disagree with his view.

This isn’t the first time a homosexual has refused to provide services to those that disagree with their views.


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