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Have You Been Fooled By These 5 Myths of Reformed Theology?

Posted on June 7, 2017 in Theology by

I appreciate an article by Michael Horton in which he helps to clear up some of the more common myths surrounding Reformed Theology. Horton is a well-respected theology professor and theologian that regularly blogs and discusses theological topics at his podcast, The White Horse Inn. Horton carefully discusses each of these myths and others in great detail in his work For Calvinism.

The above referenced article addresses five of the more common myths surrounding Reformed Theology in a quick, overview type format. The five myths that Horton addresses are:

Don’t Let These Retirement Mistakes and Myths Ruin Your Fun

Posted on February 14, 2017 in Money by

It’s not surprising to me that at the top of the list of ways to ruin your retirement is to have too much debt. And, unfortunately, I see this a lot. Debt is a burden that will suck the life out of retirement. It will prohibit you from doing the things you really want and keep you awake at night. And, debt will keep you working far longer than you would like.

Other retirement killers include…

Have You Been Fooled By One of These Pro-Abortion Myths?

Posted on March 13, 2015 in Life by

Writing at Live Action News and LifeNews.com, pro-life activist and lawyer Kristi Burton Brown discusses “10 Pro-Abortion Myths That Need to be Completely Debunked.” What’s curious to me is that several of these myths have been offered as “convictions” by people claiming to be pro-life. One has to wonder if the constant media hounding of pro-life people has created compromises that pro-life people are willing to accept. I certainly hope not. What other explanation could there for a person claiming to be pro-life that finds an exception (read: loop hole) where killing an unborn child is acceptable? How can that be justified?

More to the point, if killing an unborn child can be justified in certain circumstances, can’t killing any person be justified? (This example does not include death incurred as the result of just war.) If killing a person can be justified in a few circumstances can’t those few circumstances eventually be expanded to include others? You see where this is going? The bottom line is that if killing the unborn can be justified in any way, it will (and must) lead to the killing to others.

Some of the “myths” Burton-Brown discuses are: (To read the entire list with commentary, click here)

1. MYTH: Abortion is safe.

2. MYTH: Abortion doesn’t kill a person.

Five Myths of Used to Justify Abortion Debunked

Posted on January 31, 2014 in Life by

At the recent Students for Life of America national conference in Maryland, pro-life advocates addressed 5 myths the abortion industry uses to justify the continued murder of millions of innocent children. Each myth, along with a response is posted below so you can learn how to engage those who might use these thoughts to justify abortion. The reality is that there is no justification for killing an innocent unborn child. By learning these myths and their responses we can engage those that seek to justify abortion with the truth.

H/T to ChristianPost.com for posting this.

1. Abortion is needed because of overpopulation


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