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Take 3 minutes to Watch This Stunning A Capella Video Telling the Christmas Story. Yep, It’s That Good!

Posted on December 15, 2015 in Theology by

I’m a fan of a capella music. So when I saw this video it was a no-brainer to share it. A recent article shares a brief description of the musicians singing and their purpose for the video:

“Two a capella groups from Brigham Young University teamed up with an interfaith nonprofit to release a stunning version of ‘Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful’ — a rendition that they hope will help people ‘remember the real reason that makes this season so joyful.’ BYU singing groups Vocal Point and Noteworthy joined Faith Counts, a nondenominational organization, to produce the song as well as an associated video:

“As another holiday season comes upon us and life seems to speed up in a frenzy of party planning and gift buying, take a few minutes to slow down and remember the real reason that makes this season so joyful.”

I couldn’t agree more. Slow down for a few moments and reflect on the purpose this season exists. Without the birth of Jesus we would not have anything to celebrate. This video is stunning and I hope you will not only watch it but that you will share it and bless someone else.” Merry Christmas.

Is It Important to Keep Christ in Christmas in Public?

Posted on December 9, 2013 in Religious Freedom by

The two words “in public?” at the end of the headline are critical. Certainly every Christian should endeavor to keep Christ in Christmas in their home privately, and in their church. But what about in public? Is it still important to keep Christ in Christmas in the public sector or is saying “Happy holidays” and calling it a “Holiday Tree’ acceptable?

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has worked tirelessly to ensure the rights of people wanting to celebrate Christmas are protected. Each year people put up trees, nativity scenes, and exchange gifts. And each year special interest groups sue to remove all mentions of God from public sight. Such efforts include threatening schools with lawsuits if they allow any traditional Christmas carols, seeking to remove nativity scenes from public property, and keeping any religious themed floats out of parades.

Much confusion abounds concerning what is legal and what is not for people in public, in the workplace, and in schools regarding celebrating Christmas. ADF made this comment in a recent article:

Live Nativity on Capitol Hill Sends Powerful Message

Posted on December 5, 2013 in Religious Freedom by

It was reported recently that a live nativity scene was spotted on Capitol Hill. An article reports: “Capitol Hill was treated to the sight of a camel, donkey, sheep, shepherds and wise men wandering their way to the very seat of earthly power. Flanked by Congress on one side and the Supreme Court on the other, these humans and animals gathered to celebrate Christ’s birth with the living Nativity scene.”

But this wasn’t merely about prancing live animals through downtown Washington, D.C. This was about proclaiming the Gospel in the most powerful city in the world while reminding lawmakers that we are a nation “under God.” The clergy that sponsored the nativity said:

“By displaying the Gospel at Christmas time, we’re reminding all of our legislators and our jurists who are responsible for law and public policy that we are indeed a nation under a higher authority, the authority of God, to whom we all must make account.”

Nativity scenes are regularly attacked, vandalized, and prohibited throughout the country. Yet this scene is an important reminder that Christmas has a deeper, spiritual meaning. And that our nation is founded upon the freedom to live out our religious beliefs in the public sector. I’m blessed to hear that such a scene was in view of Congress and the Supreme Court and hope they will consider its meaning this Christmas. Click here for original article.


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