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Making Sense of the NFL and the Rights of Business Owners

Posted on October 26, 2017 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Some owners are taking matters in their own hands. It’s not surprise that outspoken and heavily visible owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has already told his team “If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period.” Jones is a long-time owner of the Cowboys and a career businessman. It’s really no surprise that he made this decision as it is good for business.

Of course not everyone liked the decision. A rapper by the name of Common blasted Jones…

This NFL Player Speaks about Abortion and Race Relations – Hits the Nail on the Head

Posted on September 27, 2016 in Life by

Benjamin Watson has been a professional tight end for more than a decade. Watson has played for the Patriots, Saints, and now with the Baltimore Ravens. But being an NFL player is only part of who Ben Watson is.

When you think of the NFL, you typically do not think about outspoken Christians regarding moral and social issues. And yet, that is a perfect way to describe Benjamin Watson. Watson has been an outspoken Christian throughout his career and continues to speak up for biblical truth concerning some of the most pressing issues of our day.

Recently, Watson was giving an interview with the Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center, based in San Diego. During the interview, Watson shared some thoughts on how abortion and race relations go hand in hand. He said:

Christians Can Learn a Valuable Lesson from a Gay Man Trying to Enter the NFL

Posted on November 30, 2015 in Sexuality, Theology by

The major identifier of any Christian should be our identity in Christ. It’s not about our “conversion story,” or where we are in our “walk of faith.” Creating an identity out of something with no inherent worth or value will always lead to frustration when others don’t place as high a value on that thing as we do.

Take for example the story of Michael Sam, the former NFL draft pick that was also the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team.

Before the combine, before the draft, Michael Sam was a decent football player barely hitting the radar of NFL scouts. Most scouting reports had him listed as a little too small and a bit too slow for his defensive position. But he was nonetheless headed for the NFL combine and would try to make an NFL roster. Then, the relatively unknown player from the mid-west decided to have a press conference to announce that he was gay.

In the world of sports this was only news because there was no openly gay players and Sam would be the first if he could make a roster. For the most part though, NFL scouts, coaches, and owners sort of…yawned. They weren’t looking for a poster-child for social causes or to break new sporting ground. They were looking for talented football players that would help them win championships. Because, at the end of the day, wins is all that matters.

When Sexual Orientation Becomes a Tool of Insulation

Posted on January 15, 2015 in Sexuality by

I can’t speak for all NFL fans, but I am still eagerly watching the post-season unfold. I thought for sure I would be less interested after last week’s round of games just because I was certain my New England Patriots would lose to the Baltimore Ravens. But the Pats are still in and I’m still interested.

I can’t help but wonder who Michael Sam is rooting for at this point. Both St. Louis and Dallas are out of the playoffs and both share the distinction of having Sam on their practice squad. Both teams cut Sam from their practice squad, presumably because Sam did not meet their expectations as a player.

Then again, if you ask Michael Sam why he was cut he will give a different answer.

TMZ recently caught up with Sam in the airport and asked him “Do you think that you coming out had anything to do with it, or do you think it was just the level of talent you went up against after college?” To which Sam replied:

What? Michael Sam Was Cut by the Rams? But…He’s Gay!

Posted on September 5, 2014 in Sexuality by

Did you hear the latest excitement from the NFL? No, not that opening day is coming or the new rules that no one likes. I’m talking about the fact that the first openly gay NFL draft choice, Michael Sam, was cut by the St. Louis Rams.

A few months ago Sam made all sorts of headlines for being the first openly gay player to enter the NFL draft. In fact, that’s all anyone could talk about. They talked about his sexuality even more than his on-field accomplishments or his future potential as a NFL player. Some dared to discuss his talents and abilities, saying he was too small and slow for his position and would not make it in the NFL. But they were quickly shamed into silence by everyone else that was elated over his sexuality.

This is the problem when a person’s sexuality becomes more important than anything about him or her. Even as LGBT activists argue that sexuality and sexual-orientation are private matters and no one’s business, they want to parade their sexuality in front of everyone as the singular accomplishment of their life.

Tony Dungy Gets Blasted for Being Honest About Michael Sam

Posted on July 30, 2014 in Sexuality by

Throughout the draft process the talk about Michael Sam centered around the fact that he is gay, and that he is the first openly gay player seeking to be drafted. There was more talk about his gay-ness than there was about his actual football skill. In fact, I was dumbfounded at the fact that a few commentators were brave enough to say that Sam was not really skilled enough to make the NFL but would most likely be drafted simply because he was gay!

And yet people continue to be “disturbed” by Dungy’s comments or the fact that many people agree with him. One article reported:

If You Don’t Like Michael Sam It’s Because You’re a Homophobe

Posted on May 19, 2014 in Religious Freedom, Sexuality by

If he wasn’t gay you probably wouldn’t know who Michael Sam even was. In fact, being gay is, at this moment in time, one of his most celebrated accomplishment in life. Some even believe that being gay is the only reason he was even drafted in this year’s NFL draft; making him the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Here’s the problem, despite any other accomplishments in his life – including being co-defensive player of the year – Michael Sam is known for being gay. NFL scouts say he is an average player that may not do well in the NFL. But that doesn’t matter because he is gay so we have to draft him to make sure the NFL avoids a major PR nightmare.

This is the duplicitous end result of the effort to make homosexuals a special class of people.

Another freedom crushing result is that anyone who dares to speak against such behavior is immediately punished and compelled to apologize.


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