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The Best Way to Be More Productive – Stop Eating!

Posted on September 6, 2018 in Money by

We have been trained, as Americans, to believe that our bellies should be full all the time. Any twinge of hunger is a bad thing and we must immediately put something in our mouth to satiate the hunger. But this habit could also be contributing to our many ailments, our problems focusing, lowered productivity, and obesity.

An article at Forbes last year comments on the mental benefits of fasting:

The Battle’s Not Over: Here’s What the Cake Baking Ruling Didn’t Do

Posted on June 14, 2018 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

I’m certainly not trying to be a killjoy in the wake of a decision that brings good news for religious freedom and free speech. But I do want to be realistic and understand the ruling in its context and scope. To do that we need to understand what the ruling did not do.

Wealth Principles: The Principle of Human Productivity

Posted on March 8, 2018 in Money, Public Policy by

This is what socialism is missing. Socialism says that everyone will be happy if we just divide everything evenly. Socialism ignores the principle of human productivity by making it possible for people that do very little to have the same means as those producing greater amounts. Socialism effectively removes the incentive to human productivity.

Many welfare systems that have no work requirement also violate the principle of human productivity. If I don’t have to work and the government will still provide free housing, health care, cell phones, and food, what is my incentive to work? Poverty is perpetuated by the idea that people shouldn’t have to be productive in order to receive goods and services.


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