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Captain Obvious Award: New Study Suggests High School Condom Programs Lead to More Teen Pregnancy

Posted on July 5, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

What happens when you hand out condoms at the high school level?

If you’re a progressive, liberal, or lacking in common sense the answer is: kids have safe sex.

If you have a properly functioning moral compass and a shred of common sense the answer is: teen pregnancy rates go up.

While advocates of condom distribution studies insist that these programs are designed to encourage safe sex; a growing body of data points to the fact that condom programs simply increase teen pregnancy and abortion rates.

Take a moment to read about a new study that further suggests condom programs do little more than increase teen pregnancy and abortion rates. A recent report comments on the new study:

“Overall, the study adds to an impressive body of research which shows that efforts to encourage contraceptive use either through mandates, subsidies, or distribution are ineffective at best or counterproductive at worst. In many countries, increases in contraception use are correlated with increase in the abortion rate.”

The study supports other data, which suggests that teen pregnancy, abortion, and STD’s all increase due to the implementation of condom programs. To this I utter an exasperated and common-sense based “sigh.”

Study: Teen Pregnancy Rate Drops When Planned Parenthood Leaves Town

Posted on January 21, 2014 in Sexuality by

A long-term study in the panhandle of Texas covering 16 counties covering 1994 through 2010 shows the teen pregnancy rate drops significantly when Planned Parenthood is not around.

While Planned Parenthood claims that they serve an important role in the community evidence to the contrary suggests Planned Parenthood is the problem. A recent article explains the study:


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