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Is Calling God “Mother” Theologically Helpful?

Posted on November 28, 2017 in Theology by

Our culture currently wants to elevate women above men. Men are viewed by many as nothing more than a problem to be corrected. There’s no celebration of our differences as men and women, and no teaching of how to properly exercise our God-given femininity and masculinity. Modern feminism has as its goal to elevate women above men rather than to seek true equality. Are we really going to change how we communicate our relationship with God to accommodate culture? Are we willing to alienate people with terrible mothers in order to make God “more inclusive” for people with terrible fathers?

If Homosexuals Can Marry then a Mother and Son Should Be Allowed to Marry As Well

Posted on September 1, 2016 in Marriage, Public Policy by

If you support homosexual “marriage,” you owe it to yourself to read what Matt Walsh says about a mother and son fighting for their right to “love” one another. All of the arguments used to defend and legitimize homosexual relationships and “marriage” are being used by the mother and son to defend and legitimize their incestuous relationship. And the things is: if you support the logic and reasoning used to defend homosexual “marriage” then you have no moral or legal ground to refuse to support incestuous relationships.

To prove that point, Walsh runs through the main arguments used to defend homosexual “marriage” and then applies them to incestuous relationships. Namely, he cites:

Are Homosexual Relationships Naturally Troublesome? New Research Might Surprise You

Posted on August 14, 2014 in Marriage by

Homosexuals have been in the news a lot lately. Oh, you didn’t know that? Yeah, apparently they just want to “be like everyone else” and for everyone to ignore them and go about their business. That plan doesn’t seem to be going well for a photographer in New Mexico, a florist in Washington, or a baker in Colorado. But hey, tolerance.

As gay couples continue to try and convince the rest of us that they are just like everyone else, doing normal relationship things, the world remains unconvinced. This isn’t merely about sex. Yes, that’s an aspect of the relationship that homosexuals desperately want others to believe is normal. But as research shows, the sexual relationship of homosexuals is not nearly as “normal” as they would have us believe.

In an article for Canon and Culture, author Glenn Stanton asks the question: “Are same-sex couples just like you?” Stanton then cites numerous research projects into the sexual habits and durability of same-sex unions to show that they are not, in fact, like others. Stanton begins by stating:


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