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Government Decides to Appoint Nanny for Every Child from Birth to Eighteen Years Old

Posted on August 19, 2014 in Family, Home School, Religious Freedom by

It sounds like something out of a horror movie. And yet parents in Scotland are living this nightmare right now. The government has passed and begun to implement a new law mandating a government appointed overseer for every child from birth to eighteen years of age.

No, seriously, I’m not making this up, you can read about it here. And no, I didn’t make a mistake or fall for a satire piece in The Onion. This is actually happening in our world. A government has taken the brazen step of deciding that children between birth and eighteen years old need not just one parent, not even two, but two parents and a government nanny tasked with looking out for the “wellbeing” of the child.

Powerful Letter from Dad to His Miscarried Son

Posted on April 17, 2014 in Life by

The picture in this post is that of Scotland Riles. Scotland was miscarried at 20 weeks. But this tragic story has an element of hope and purpose as the father, Tommy Riles, shares the story of his son. Rather than simply having their son removed and discarded as a mass of tissue, the Riles family, as a result of their faith, chose to go through labor and give birth to their son.

After the labor and delivery process, the Riles family spent time with their son, singing, praying, and talking to him. Tommy wrote a letter to his son in which he told him he was proud of his son. Part of that letter says:


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