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Take 3 minutes to Watch This Stunning A Capella Video Telling the Christmas Story. Yep, It’s That Good!

Posted on December 15, 2015 in Theology by

I’m a fan of a capella music. So when I saw this video it was a no-brainer to share it. A recent article shares a brief description of the musicians singing and their purpose for the video:

“Two a capella groups from Brigham Young University teamed up with an interfaith nonprofit to release a stunning version of ‘Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful’ — a rendition that they hope will help people ‘remember the real reason that makes this season so joyful.’ BYU singing groups Vocal Point and Noteworthy joined Faith Counts, a nondenominational organization, to produce the song as well as an associated video:

“As another holiday season comes upon us and life seems to speed up in a frenzy of party planning and gift buying, take a few minutes to slow down and remember the real reason that makes this season so joyful.”

I couldn’t agree more. Slow down for a few moments and reflect on the purpose this season exists. Without the birth of Jesus we would not have anything to celebrate. This video is stunning and I hope you will not only watch it but that you will share it and bless someone else.” Merry Christmas.

Powerful Letter from Dad to His Miscarried Son

Posted on April 17, 2014 in Life by

The picture in this post is that of Scotland Riles. Scotland was miscarried at 20 weeks. But this tragic story has an element of hope and purpose as the father, Tommy Riles, shares the story of his son. Rather than simply having their son removed and discarded as a mass of tissue, the Riles family, as a result of their faith, chose to go through labor and give birth to their son.

After the labor and delivery process, the Riles family spent time with their son, singing, praying, and talking to him. Tommy wrote a letter to his son in which he told him he was proud of his son. Part of that letter says:


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