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It’s Not Just Millennials that Need Personal Financial Education

Posted on January 23, 2018 in Money by

I don’t like talking about debt. But I spend a lot of time talking (and writing) about debt. Mainly because our nation is drowning in debt. From the recent college graduate with $80,000 in student loans, to the middle-aged working class adults that are still paying off student loans but have added a mortgage, car payments, credit car balances, and a home equity line; our nation has a serious debt crisis.

According to an article at Business Insider that published the results of a Trading Economics study, out of 30 countries, America ranks #10 for having the most debt. Americans have a collective $1.14 trillion in auto debt, $1.28 trillion in student loans, and $8.82 trillion in mortgage debt. The total household debt of Americans is up to $8.82 trillion (as of the third quarter of 2016).

These numbers give America a household-debt-to-GDP number of 78.8%; making us the country with the 10th highest debt.

Christian School Wants to Expel Students with Gay Family Members. Should They?

Posted on July 7, 2016 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Should a Christian school be allowed to expel a student or refuse the application of a prospective student simply because that person has a gay relative? That is the position one school in Kansas is taking; and they are receiving a lot of political and social heat for it.

Trinity Academy, a small Christian school in Kansas says it is “a Christ-centered, college-preparatory education for students committed to spiritual growth and academic excellence.” The school claims test scores are far above average and most kids are involved in the music program.

Trinity also says that it reserves the right to expel any student or prospective student with a gay family member. The school’s policy states:

Pro-Abortion Student Decides to Challenge Ben Shapiro on Life-Learns Quickly That May Have Been a Bad Idea

Posted on April 5, 2016 in Life by

Every once in a while an exchange between a pro-life and pro-abortion advocate catches my attention. Sometimes these are thought-provoking exchanges resulting from civil discourse by educated people that are seeking to exchange ideas. And sometimes…not so much.

The video below shows an exchange between Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, author, and lawyer, and a Salisbury University student. Shapiro was speaking at the Maryland University when he decided to open the floor for questions. A pro-abortion supporter decided to take the opportunity to challenge Shapiro’s views on life and the legality of abortion. That led to the following exchange which was captured on video.

After watching this exchange I have one conclusion: many pro-abortion advocates have nothing to offer but rhetoric and media talking points.

Watch the video for yourself (posted below) and see if you can find any logic, reason, or anything remotely valuable in the pro-abortion advocates arguments. Here is a brief section of the discussion between Shapiro and the student:

West Virginia Student Made to Attend “Gay Club” Against His Will (Video)

Posted on January 7, 2015 in Religious Freedom, Sexuality by

A high school student in Buckhannon, WV, has come under fire for posting a simple picture with an absolutely true message to a social media website.

The student’s school started a LGBT club called “The Gay Straight Alliance” to try and change perception of other students and make homosexuality more welcome. The club could not find any teachers available to sponsor the group so they met it the same room as the “Kindness Club.” This presented a problem for one member of the kindness club that did not want to be part of the gay club because of his religious convictions.

The student took a short video of the combined meeting of the gay club and the kindness club and uploaded it to Snapchat with the caption “Our school has a ‘gay’ club.”

That was all that was needed for one teacher to become angry and accuse the student of bullying.


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