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Are You a Christian That Affirms Homosexuality? You Need to Read This!

Posted on January 14, 2015 in Marriage, Sexuality by

What is the message being communicated by Christians and the church regarding homosexuality? In years past we might be quick to answer the question and our chance of accuracy would be fairly certain. Not so much today. The push to normalize homosexuality has caught many churches and Christians up in its net and seemingly dragged them along. The result is a Christian culture that is frayed at the ends with churches that have decided to abandon biblical teaching in favor of a cultural message.

The new message declares the Bible old, outdated, irrelevant for today’s culture, or even just plain wrong. Somehow pastors want their congregations to believe in the veracity and inerrancy of Scripture when it comes to the existence of heaven and hell, the creation of the world, salvation and eternity. But not about human sexuality.

Pastors want people to believe that God created man and woman, that He formed them from the dust of the earth and gave them life – but not that He knows what is best for them. It must be a weird sort of tension to try and affirm Genesis 1 -3 as biblical truth then relate Romans 1 as outdated and irrelevant.

The Connection Between Porn and Incest Is Closer Than You Think

Posted on October 1, 2014 in Uncategorized by

The epidemic of porn can’t be overstated. In the past this has largely been considered a male problem, but new evidence suggests that women have become just as snared as men by this dangerous habit.

The fact that women are just as likely as men to use porn is indicative of a systemic problem in our society. Sex is increasingly viewed as just another social interaction having no ramifications, consequences, or responsibilities. It began with men seeking to “conquer” as many women as possible. Not to be outdone by men, the feminist movement convinced women that “anything men can do we can do better,” and with that they skipped off to outdo men in sexual conquests.

Now, both men and women began to see sex as nothing special, just a social interaction to be undertaken at one’s discretion. Sure, “mistakes” will happen, but with a little practice we can become proficient and skilled in this interaction. And while we are practicing we can learn from the “experts” through the use of pornography. Remember, Playboy is just read for the articles. So both men and women make porn use a regular habit, whether for self-pleasure, or for “research” as to how to get the most out of every sexual encounter.

New Study Shows Connection Between Christians Supporting Homosexuality and Other Immorality

Posted on September 9, 2014 in Marriage, Sexuality by

When asked about everything from pornography to casual sex, co-habitation and abortion; Regnerus found that support levels for such immorality were higher (sometimes higher than national averages) among Christians that support homosexuality. For example, when asked about pornography only 4.6% of Christians that oppose same-sex “marriage” said they believe viewing porn is acceptable. But among Christians that support same-sex “marriage” that number jumps to 33.4%, while the national average is only 31.4%. In other words, Christians that support same-sex “marriage” are more likely than the average American adult to believe viewing porn is acceptable.


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