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New Study Reveals Stark Difference Between Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion Families

Posted on July 18, 2017 in Life by

Though our plans and discussions may have been similar, the outcome has been very different for people. While many families adapt and re-discuss and re-plan. Others choose to abort their child and continue with their original plan. That difference has led to a “shocking” new study with a “shocking” conclusion: pro-life families have more children than pro-abortion families.

The study says that not only are pro-life families larger, they are producing a generation that is “markedly more pro-life”:

A Court Just Ruled That A Pro-Life License Plate is the Same as Pornography and Bans It!

Posted on June 3, 2015 in Life by

A federal appeals court has decided that the New York DMV can refuse to issue a license plate stating simply “choose life” because the DMV (and court) finds the plate “patently offensive.”

The rejection based on the “patently offensive” criteria is the same measure used to ban pornography from public view. The court ruled that since the message of life is “patently offensive” to so many New Yorkers, it could cause road rage, and therefore it is acceptable to ban.

Where do I start in criticizing this absurd ruling by the court?

Let’s start with the idea that it is better to ban a license plate someone might find offensive than to allow on the grounds that it may cause an incident of road rage. First of all, if adults are not capable of driving on the road with another car carrying a license plate with a message they disagree with without engaging in road rage – I’m not sure they are fit to have a driver’s license. This line of reasoning is in itself “patently offensive” as it implies that people are not able to control themselves when faced with a message they disagree with.

Recent Survey Discovers the Most Popular Heresies Among Evangelical Christians

Posted on November 11, 2014 in Theology by

As my church prepares to begin walking through the book of Ecclesiastes on Sunday mornings, I am already reminded of Solomon’s oft-repeated phrase: “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

That phrase comes to mind as I read the results of a recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research for Ligonier Ministries concerning the theological beliefs of evangelical Christians. These views, heretical at best, show the lack of theological training and how it has caused a host of ancient heresies to resurface today.

Here is a list of some of the troubling statistics:

On the Issues of Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage – Christians Cannot Change

Posted on September 18, 2014 in Marriage, Theology by

It seems that with each new attack on marriage by those seeking to redefine it Christians resolve all the more to stand for the true, traditional definition and image of marriage that has been foundational throughout civilization for centuries.

This fact draws the ire of activists that can’t understand why Christians are being so stubborn and resistant to change. After all, at times in history Christians have changed their position on issues that were controversial in culture (think slavery). And even issues that are not contentious in society have been debated by Christians (think alcohol). So if Christians have changed their views on various issues at times, why won’t they change their view on marriage?

A recent article ponders this very question:

Remember the Old Nazi Re-Education Camps? It’s Happening Again – in America!

Posted on August 7, 2014 in Marriage, Religious Freedom, Sexuality by

Laugh all you want. Call me an alarmist or a conspiracy theorist, but what is happening right now in America is nothing short of the redefinition of the Constitution. The new definition includes re-education that would make any socialist or communist proud.

I can only describe the case of Jack Phillips, a baker in Colorado, as jaw-dropping and shocking. Every time I read another account of what is happening to him I shake my head and wonder what America is going to look like in 10 years.

In case you aren’t familiar with Jack’s story, here’s a quick brief. Jack Phillips owns a bakery in Colorado. He has been doing business for 20 years and is highly respected for his artwork in deliciousness. A homosexual couple came in to his shop in 2012 and wanted a cake to celebrate their same-sex union. Jack told them he would be glad to do just about anything else, but that he could not lend his talent and services to celebrate their ceremony. They sued.

A local judge and then the Colorado Civil Rights Commission found Jack guilty of sexual orientation discrimination. But as Jack has said, he isn’t discriminating against anyone:

UPDATE: Benham Brothers Speak Out About Unfair Canceling of HGTV Show

Posted on May 14, 2014 in Marriage, Religious Freedom by

In the wake of a home flipping show being cancelled on HGTV for its hosts having a pro-traditional marriage view, the Benham brothers have spoken about the incident.

In case you missed the absurd spectacle created by HGTV and the liberal group “rightwingwatch.org,” you can read my article about it here.

In today’s politically un-correct world where people and groups call for tolerance and diversity while shutting out people with diverse viewpoints, it’s hard to find the logic in much of what takes place. No doubt the Benham brothers were left scratching their heads when they were informed by HGTV that their anticipated show would be cancelled before a single episode aired. The reason, simply because the Benhams are Christians with a pro-traditional marriage view.

Now, here is the hard part to understand. I have no doubt that HGTV knew before they entered into contract with the Benhams that the brothers were Christians. At some point there was a discussions about their faith and how integral it is to their daily lives. Perhaps HGTV even gave some guidelines for speaking about their faith on air. One thing is for sure, HGTV knew the Benhams were committed Christians. Knowing that it is hard to imagine that HGTV didn’t know the Benhams hold to a traditional marriage viewpoint. So why did HGTV agree to the show in the first place if their traditional marriage view is so awful? Why give them a contract at all if HGTV is so opposed to this point of view?

The simple answer: fear and money.


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