Christian Business and the Ministry of Wealth Creation

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Wealth CreationHave you ever considered “wealth creation” as a “holy mission”?

I live in the “wealth creation” world. Part of my objective is to help people create and maintain assets that will allow them to live life the way they desire. It’s what all of us in the financial services industry seek for our clients on a continual basis.

One notable difference for me is that, as a Christian, I am constantly seeking to integrate my faith into my work and be “light and salt” to those I interact with. Many believe that wealth and religion are segregated. The thought persists that our finances and our faith have nothing to do with one another. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In recent years more Christians have begun to understand the just how intertwined their faith and their finances really are. From using personal vacation time to serve global missions to donating money, time, and resources to reach out to their community. We are finally seeing that we cannot serve God with all our “heart, soul, mind, and strength” while refusing to surrender our wallet.

There is certainly a right and proper place for discussions around biblical stewardship. Jesus had no shortage of comments on the topic. In fact, while on earth, Jesus spoke more on the topic of money than any other topic; followed closely by hell. It’s interesting that these are the two topics people seem least interested in hearing about when in church.) This being true we can agree that this topic, money, is important. Continue reading

Hugh Hefner: Proving Hollywood is a Hypocrite on Morality

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Hugh HefnerWhat can I say about Hugh Hefner that has not already been said? In the days after his death my newsfeed streamed with articles memorializing and honoring Hefner and his life’s work at Playboy. It’s a surreal world when powerful men are brought low by accusations of sexual abuse, even by sexual harassment. Then, other men are praised and lifted high for treating women as objects of sexual desire and lust.

It’s hard to make sense of a world that can compartmentalize the lives of Harvey Weinstein and Hugh Hefner. Maybe if Weinstein would have offered to pay women and make them famous for accepting his sexual proposals he would not be in the trouble he is in right now. Then again, I think Weinstein did pay and make women famous. Just like Hefner.

And yet, Hefner is lauded and Weinstein is fired.

What exactly is the “legacy” of Hugh Hefner? He’s a man that dedicated his life to destroying the moral fiber of our world while making untold millions of dollars in the process. He may be more responsible for tearing families apart and advancing sexual crimes than any other single individual in history. An article at Fox News summed up Hefner’s legacy with this comment:

“He was the force behind the mainstream objectification of women, someone who paid them to take their clothes off and convinced them it was empowering to do so, using the same arguments pornographers use for the same goals.”

Somehow Hefner convincing women to take their clothes off in order to make money and become famous is socially acceptable. However, anyone else, Harvey Weinstein for example, using the same tactics is socially unacceptable, reprehensible even. This shows the clear disconnect between our social assurance that pornography is perfectly normal but the motives behind it are not. The disconnect is the only way Hefner can be praised for his “enterprising work” while Weinstein, Toback, Halperin, Polanski, and many others are brought down (as well they should be). Continue reading

The Miracles of Jesus Revealed The Wonder of the God-Man

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BibleDid Jesus really have to do all those miracles?

Did He have to heal the blind and deaf and the lame? Did He really need to feed all those hungry people and make sure everyone was full?

The simple answer is yes! He had to show us that He was Lord over all heaven and earth. He couldn’t just come and die for us without first showing us Who He really was. He knew we wouldn’t believe that He was God’s Son without some evidence, some proof that He more than just a man. He knew our hearts would doubt, even if we watched Him die. So He came as a baby, lived as a man, and bent time and space to His will with just the words of His mouth.

He needed to walk on the water so we knew that the powerful ocean was under His command. He needed to calm the storm so we knew that the untamable wind obeyed His voice. The mighty earth with vast oceans and dizzying mountains belong to Him and He wanted to make sure we knew they would bow to Him when commanded to do so.

He needed to heal the blind and the deaf to show us that the mortal flesh we carry is but dirt in His hands; dirt He can mold and shape and do whatever He wills. He needed to bring Lazarus back to life to give us proof that the breath of life belongs to Him and He can restore it with the word of His mouth. Yes, even the command “come forth” and the dead must obey His voice. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Hollywood Regarding Ratings (And Morality)

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HollywoodDear Hollywood,

You’ve got a problem. It’s a big problem costing millions. The headlines are all talking about it and sharing a lot of details that I am certain you won’t like. They’re talking about the major flops that have come out of your studios this year and the millions (maybe billions?) in lost revenue.

Here’s where I think the problem started.

You thought that since everyone loved going to the movies that you could produce whatever you wanted. You could include all the filthy language, graphic sex, violence, and anything else you wanted and we would simply accept it. And, for a while, we did. We went to the movies, we rented them, and we watched just about anything you were willing to produce. It was our mistake to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume a movie was just a movie.

But our mistake emboldened you to produce movies with even greater graphic sex and violence. You assumed that since we were watching that you had carte blanche to create whatever twisted picture you could imagine. So the endless stream of graphic horror movies and sex-filled drama’s started rolling. Then, it really got crazy.

I suppose you got bored with those sex and gore movies as your desire to be politically active grew. So you started inserting your political viewpoints into movies. You even produced movies that were nothing more than thinly veiled political propaganda films. And while you gathered 12 times a year to pat each other on the back and give each other awards, you didn’t notice that we were going to the movies less and less. Continue reading

If I Get To Define Grace We Are All in Trouble

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graceWho gets to define grace?

I had an encounter not long ago in which I affirmed the disciplinary action a school took against a student. I wrote my comments in a blog post and made them public. I engaged in numerous conversations with multiple people that did not share my perspective. One comment that was made multiple times was “The school should have shown the student some grace.”

I challenged that statement by asking two questions:

1. How do you know the school did not show any grace?

2. Who gets to define grace?

Christians are big on grace. We like grace. And why shouldn’t we, “it is by grace we are saved.” The subject gets a little murkier when we seek to define grace for others. Defining saving grace is easy because the Bible has already done it for us. It is the gift of God shown to each of us that, combined with faith, allows a person to be born again. Defining grace for other people, or, more specifically, what grace should look like in the lives of other people, that’s a very different matter.

Trvin Wax has written an article I wish I could get everyone to read. You would be well served by taking a few minutes to read and understand what he is discussing in “Welcome Everyone, Affirm No One.” In the article Trevin makes this statement: Continue reading

The Hypocrisy of Feminism is on Display in the Boy Scouts

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Boy ScoutsThe modern feminist movement is a hypocritical movement.

Modern feminism is a movement quite unlike the movement that sought equality in the 1960’s. While there can be no doubt that the founders of feminism in the 60’s wanted more than just equal pay, or the right to vote; the movement as it stands today communicates a male-hating hypocrisy that is hard to ignore.

The deafening silence of modern feminism to sex-selective abortion both in the United States and abroad is enough to earn the title of hypocrite. However, I am particularly interested in the reaction of feminism to the recent announcement by the Boy Scouts of America to allow girls into the program.

It was recently announced by the Boy Scouts (BSA) that they would begin allowing girls into the Cub Scouts starting in 2018 while developing a program to integrate girls into all stages of the BSA program. The end-goal will be to give girls access to the Eagle Scout program. And while boys and girls will not initially be mixed, it is reasonable, given the many changes in scouting protocol to assume that boys and girls will eventually be together.

Albert Mohler commented on his daily podcast, The Briefing, that this change comes as a result of “years of pressure from women’s groups that say girls should have access to programs like the Eagle Scouts.” Here’s where we can see the hypocrisy of feminism and those that adhere to a modern feminist worldview on display. Continue reading

Religious Freedom Win: Employers Can Opt Out of Contraception Coverage

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Birth Control MandateThe Trump Administration continues to dismantle Obamacare one mandate at a time.

Exemptions to the contraception mandate have been expanded under the direction of Matt Bowman, an attorney with the Department of Health and Human Services. President Trump has followed through on his promise to defend religious freedom by making sure business owners that object on religious or moral grounds to birth control pills, abortion pills, and sterilization are not forced to provide such things to their employees.

The purposes of these expanded exemptions is to widen the scope of protections for business and charities with religious opposition to providing contraceptive products. Obamacare has always contained these protections for churches, but other employers, such as religious non-profits, charities and Christian-owned businesses had no protections. This made it possible for the government to force groups like The Little Sisters of the Poor, a group of Catholic nuns, to pay for contraceptives.

Mark Rienzi, senior counsel with The Becket Fund, pointed out that refusing to give exemptions to religious employers was a divisive move by the previous administration:

“The new rule is a victory for common sense. The previous administration pursued a needless and divisive culture war … It should be easy for the courts to finalize this issue now that the government admits it broke the law.”

The new rule is also a step in the right direction to correct the mistakes of the Obamacare mandate concerning how pregnancy is viewed. A recent article explains how the abortion lobby slandered pregnancy in order to advance their agenda: Continue reading

Making Sense of the NFL and the Rights of Business Owners

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NFL ProtestEveryone from sports analysts to rappers and even the president have weighed in on the issue Is it really that confusing?

The NFL has been a ratings and revenue powerhouse for quite some time. Sports in general has enjoyed a prestigious place in our culture for years. Some would say that it has become a detrimental distraction to families that needs to be reigned in (I’m among those holding to this opinion).

As of late, however, sports, and the NFL has been in decline.

We’re all familiar with the now highly publicized and politicized NFL protests started last year by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick decided to kneel for the national anthem rather than stand with his hand over his heart. He said it was a symbolic protest against racial violence and police brutality against minorities. From there it sparked a controversy that has continued from last years’s NFL season to the present.

This year the story intensified as President Trump weighed in by saying that NFL owners “should fire” players that protest the flag and the national anthem. That single comment by the President has caused more controversy, tweeting, news coverage, and arguments than perhaps any single comment concerning this entire issue. That either tells us how powerful the president is, or how much the mainstream media doesn’t like him. You decide. Continue reading

President Trump Promises to Sign Bill Outlawing Late-Term Abortion

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The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to ban late-term abortions; President Trump says he will sign it.

Continuing the wave of pro-life legislation, the U.S House of Representatives has once again passed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This bill, previously passed in 2015, seeks to make abortion after 20 weeks illegal.

This is a common sense piece of legislation in that it seeks to make it illegal to dismember unborn children capable of feeling pain while they are in the womb. Regardless of whether you support abortion or not, the idea of allowing an unborn child be dismembered should be repulsive. This is not a “blob of tissue,” or a ‘clump of cells,” this is a human being capable of feeling the same pain you and I feel.

A recent article carried the sentiments of Rep. Chris Smith as he echoed the belief of a majority of Americans that agree abortion after 20 weeks is barbaric and should not be tolerated. Smith said:

“Overwhelming majorities of Americans—some 60-64% according to pollsters—support legal protection for pain-capable unborn children. Today we know that unborn babies not only die but suffer excruciating pain during dismemberment abortion—a cruelty that rips arms and legs off a helpless child.”

I’m having a hard time thinking of a scenario in which it would be appropriate to kill an innocent human. It’s an even harder scenario to consider when the human in question is capable of feeling pain and being subject to extreme torture. Any person that claims to represent the civil liberties of other humans has no choice but defend the unborn or admit that he or she is a hypocrite. Continue reading

Why the “Ordo Solutis” is a Critical Doctrine to Understand

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Sitting in a churchIf someone asked you what the steps to being saved were, would you be able to answer the question?

The “Romans Road.”

The “Sinners Prayer.”

A lot of different methods have been used to teach people the steps of salvation. It Is reasoned that if people have a quick, easy, catchy way of remembering these steps that they will be able to use them if they are asked about being saved. The intent is good, but it’s also lacking. There is a distinct lack of doctrine and theological underpinning in many of these methods. In the end, I’m afraid most people have little to no understanding of the process of salvation and how critical each step is to that process.

The “Order of Salvation,” or, “ordo solutis” as it is referred to (a latin phrase simply meaning “order of salvation”) is the step by step process by which salvation occurs. Dr. Derek Thomas, writing at, shared the definition of ordo solutis used by Louis Berkhof:

“The ordo salutis describes the process by which the work of salvation, wrought in Christ, is subjectively realized in the hearts and lives of sinners. It aims at describing in their logical order, and also in their interrelations, the various movements of the Holy Spirit in the application of the work of redemption.” Continue reading


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