GrubHub CEO Doesn’t Want to Do Business with Trump Supporters and I Support Him

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GrubHub CEO

GrubHub CEO Matt Maloney

Do employers have the right to tell customers with an opposing political view not to do business with their company?

After the election of Donald Trump a number of CEO’s made it clear that Trump-supporters are not welcome at their companies. This article shares the reactions by several CEO’s at various companies’ that decided it was a good idea to tell Trump supporters that they are not welcome at their company.

Now, I’m all for the first amendment rights of these owners making it clear where they stand. And, I fully support their right to do business with whomever they choose. I’m also supportive of their right to refuse to do business with anyone they want. Business owners should have the right to adhere to their conscience and convictions, and should not be forced to conduct business that would violate those convictions.

So, if doing business with a Trump supporter is morally objectionable, or, would violate a business owner’s convictions, that business owner should have the right to refuse to do business with that person. Just as a baker should not be forced to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding in violation of the baker’s religious freedom and deeply held convictions.

However, I’m also supportive of the right of people to decide where they will spend their hard earned money. In the case of GrubHub, this lesson in free-market economics is only starting to sink in. Continue reading

VIDEO: The Holiness of God Explained

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What do you know about the holiness of God? I’m sure you’ve heard about holiness. Anyone that has attended church for even a short period of time has heard of holiness. Despite hearing about it, sometimes for years, many people are not quite sure what holiness is or how to explain it.

The video below is an animated illustration of God’s holiness. It is a visual depiction of holiness in a way that clearly communicates the truth of Scripture.

This theological theme, God’s holiness, is central to our life as Christians. Understanding God’s holiness and why He commanded us to “be holy for I am holy” is important for our spiritual growth. Being able to understand and explain God’s holiness is essential for understanding the world around us and why we view events differently than people that don’t know Jesus.

Take a few minutes and watch this video, and share it. You will gain a better understanding of one of the most essential, yet misunderstood aspects of God in all of scripture.

Planned Parenthood Empire Could Come Tumbling Down Under President Trump

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defund-planned-parenthoodThe election of Trump coupled with a Republican House and Senate could mean the end of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. That is something Republicans and Democrats can support.

Last year a Republican controlled House and Senate passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood of all taxpayer money. This was a bi-partisan bill that had overwhelming support in Congress. And yet, President Obama vetoed the bill and sent more than $500 million dollars to the abortion merchant.

The American people are tired of funding Planned Parenthood. Republicans and Democrats alike say that tax money should not be used to fund a “non-profit” organization that profits from killing babies. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t just profit from killing babies, they actively seek to kill the unborn so they can sell their body parts. It’s as gruesome and evil as it sounds.

However, with the election of Donald Trump, a self-professed pro-life president, and the strong bi-partisan support for defunding Planned Parenthood in Congress, this year could be different. Continue reading

This is What Happens When You Grow Up Believing “Everyone’s a Winner”

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Trump ProtestThe “participation trophy” generation shows their true colors in the wake of Trump being elected.

After it became clear that Donald Trump would be elected the next president of the United States, millennial’s reacted in the only way they know how: they threw a big old temper tantrum. In fact, the temper tantrum is still going on as they march down streets, cites, and college campuses. This tantrum has revealed several things that were merely speculation before the election.

First, this tantrum reveals that many Trump supporters were right. Many people across the country (even Democrats) supported Trump because they are tired of the elitist obnoxiousness from the liberals of the country. People in the heartland of the country are tired of being berated and demeaned for adhering to their traditional values and convictions. As violent and angry protesters throw their highly public tantrum and call Trump voters racist, bigoted, misogynist, and any other liberal moniker that crosses their mind, it validates the underlying reasons many people voted for Trump.

The truth, and this will be hard for the “participation trophy” kids to understand, is that many people voted for Trump simply to oppose Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t because she is a woman; it is because of her policies. She was the most pro-abortion candidate in history. Much of American is pro-life. Clinton showed little concern with the safety of our country. She promised to put coal workers out of business (it’s like she’s never been to West Virginia or Pennsylvania). Clinton was under FBI investigation for several reasons and has, for years, ignored the law simply because of her political position. America was tired of the Clinton’s. Continue reading

How Do You Define Parent and Family?

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FamilyWords have meaning. The cultural war we are engaged in at the moment seeks to redefine words and threatens to remove all meaning from these words, and the relationships these words define.

Juliet once said:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The now famous quote penned by William Shakespeare is a concise commentary on our culture. Within our culture are those that seek to redefine words so that they lose all meaning. Words like tolerance are understood to mean one thing when, in reality, they mean something else entirely. (Consult an older version of the dictionary of you’re confused.)

One of the words under constant attack of redefinition is the word “family.” It has been understood for centuries that a family is composed of a husband/father, wife/mother, and their children. Of course we understand that there is ‘extended family” composed of grandparents, aunt’s, uncles, and cousins. But for the most part we’ve understood the family to be a very narrow description.

In order to be a parent you either have to be part of the biological process that created a child, or you have to formally adopt a child. Outside of those two methods there is not a way to be considered a parent and few would admit any legal right or parenthood to a person not taking part in one of those two methods. Continue reading

One of the Most Honest Post-Election Statements You NEED to Read

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election 2016In the wake of the election that saw Donald trump upset the Clinton political machine, stunned media outlets tried to make sense of it all. One of the most honest, and accurate statements about why Hillary Clinton lost the election came from a CNN anchor.

The liberal media took a beating during the 2016 election and in the days immediately following. How did they get it so wrong? How could they possibly have so underestimated Donald Trump and the outcome of the election? Fingers started pointing and tongues began wagging as accusations against each other began to fly. But in the midst of the confusion the pundits and talking heads were going through, one statement helps make it all make sense.

John King, host of the show “Inside Politics” on CNN made the following clarifying statement that should bring every liberal to reflection and encourage most Americans: Continue reading

My Post-Presidential Election Top 10 List for a Trump Presidency

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Election 2016Now that the election is over and we have a new president-elect in Donald Trump, I have composed my top 10 list of the thoughts I am most curious about. A Trump presidency is a mystery at this point as we are still uncertain about what, exactly, he will do. While I did not support or vote for Trump, I, like many other Americans am curious as to what this epic political upset will look like. To that end, this list is a compilation of the thoughts I am most curious about regarding Trump as well as the thoughts that occupied my mind directly after the election.

10 – The Electoral College is…terrible. I’ve watched the results of the last 3 presidential elections with curiosity as the electoral map begins to form. Go ahead, Google 2012 or 2016 electoral map and see what appears. I suppose I understand the idea behind the Electoral College but, practically speaking, it stinks. It’s time to get back to making sure every single vote counts with a popular vote. If it’s good enough for Senators, and Congressman, and Mayors, and Governors, it’s good enough for the president as well.

9 – Is the Clinton dynasty dead? For decades the Clinton’s have occupied some part of the political spotlight. From Governor to President to Secretary of State, the Clinton’s have held more offices than most. What continues to dominate headlines, however, is not any accomplishment they have contributed to America, but scandals. News of their corruption, deceit, and lawlessness has followed them from the Ozarks to Washington. This might have been the last hoorah for the Clinton machine. I can only hope so. Continue reading

Apps and Books to Help Plan Your Financial Future

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Piggy BankSo you’ve decided you need to get your financial house in order. You see the need to save for emergencies, future purchases, and retirement. Now that you’re ready to take those important steps, you’re wondering where to start and what to do first. With such an important task before you it’s necessary to make sure you do it right.

I suggest starting with a budget. The foundation of any successful financial strategy is a budget. You can’t know how much to save or where to save if you don’t know how much money is coming in and how much is going out each month. A budget is nothing more than a detailed list of your income and your expenses. You can start by simply making a list on a piece of paper showing how much you bring home each month, and how you pay out for things like cable, cell phone, food, gas, and car insurance. It’s a simplified version of a budget, but it’s a great place to start on your journey to financial freedom.

To help with your budget task I suggest checking out some of the latest budget apps for your smart phone. A recent article reviewed two of the latest budget apps and it’s probably a good place to start. You can check out this app, or this one. The thing about these apps that is different than the old-school budget is that they are connected to your checking account and credit card. So these apps know exactly how much you are spending the moment you spend it. That’s some quality accountability. Continue reading

Popular Christian Author: God is Ok with LGBT Relationships So the Church Needs to Accept Them

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Jen HatmakerThe statements of a Christian author that caused her books to be removed from LifeWay stores is worth studying and understanding theologically.

Popular Christian author Jen Hatmaker recently had her books pulled from the largest Christian bookstore in the country for her statements supporting same-sex relationships. It’s become commonplace in our society to hear of Christians “evolving” on this issue and voicing their support for what the Bible calls sin. It almost seems expected for popular pastors, authors, speakers, and religious personalities to tickle the ears of the masses with this “conviction” that didn’t exist ten years ago.

A brief statement by Hatmaker bears significant theological problems and is worth looking at to understand why her view is not in line with what the Bible teaches. She said:

“From a civil rights and civil liberties side and from just a human being side, any two adults have the right to choose who they want to love. And they should be afforded the same legal protections as any of us. I would never wish anything less for my gay friends. Continue reading

If You’re Wondering Where to Start Saving for Retirement – Look At This

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Piggy BankThis post will be a little different from most of my usual postings. However, the topic is as important as any other. In fact, perhaps no topic is more personal and critical to our every day lives. And yet it’s one topic many American struggle with and rarely seek help with.

The topic is money.

Money is something we need every day. We pay our bills, buy food, and provide shelter for our families with money. There is virtually no part of our lives that money doesn’t touch. And yet, many people struggle with managing and saving money.

The need for saving money is critical to everyone and yet it seems to be a constant struggle. Few people know about the options available to them for saving money. This is reflected in shocking statistics like 6 out of 10 Americans have less than $25,000 saved for retirement. Every person hopes to retire one day and still so many find it hard to save for that day. Continue reading


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