What’s So Good About “Good Friday”?

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 I can almost picture the mood, the atmosphere, on that Friday many years ago. We call it “Good Friday” in hindsight, but at the time, it would have been anything but good. The followers of the radical teacher that had changed everything was dead. They were so confused and scared. For three years they followed Him everywhere, watching as He conquered every obstacle. Every sickness, every illness was subject to Him. Every man-made traditional gave way to His God-breathed teaching. Governments feared Him. People worshipped Him. And now He was dead.

But how could Jesus be dead? At one time, Jesus told a man that had been dead for 4 days to get up and walk out of his grave. He called the man by name, Lazarus, because if Jesus would have simply walked into the graveyard and said “come forth,” the entire graveyard would have obeyed his command and come out of their graves. So He gave a very specific command to a very specific person. He did what only God could do by raising the dead. And now, God was dead? Continue reading…

Thinking Biblically About When to Baptize Children

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Kids BaptismThere’s more to think about concerning baptism for parents that want to avoid a false sense of security in their child.

In the moments after a child joyfully shares that he or she has accepted Jesus as their Savior, a parent will feel many things. Emotions ranging from relief to elation will quickly overcome any Christian parent that has been praying for the salvation of their child.

Parents will quickly want to affirm the salvation of the child by encouraging baptism. After all, it’s the “first step of obedience” after salvation. While no one would disagree with the need for baptism, the timing is another story altogether.

Much discussion abounds around the timing of baptizing children. Some believe that it would be best to wait and see if the child shows fruit in keeping with repentance and salvation. This might take several years, perhaps even into adulthood, proponents say. A child that claims to have been saved at age 9 might even need to wait until he or she is out of their parents’ house before being baptized.

The simplest way I can summarize the philosophy of this view is like this: a child might be unduly influenced by parents, family, or church peers to profess salvation. To ensure this is not the case and that true repentance has occurred, it would be better to wait until the child has left home and is able to stand on his own two feet. Then, after facing the temptations of the world amidst varying worldviews, if the child keeps the faith, baptism is appropriate.

In a country like the United States, where easy believe-ism has produced false converts and cultural Christianity that seems to identify more with the American flag and White House than with the Scriptures and church house, this view is understandable. It’s almost a necessary evil. Continue reading…

Why I Won’t Be Writing Over the Next Month

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ThinkstockPhotos-489763838-e1490767826261I started writing 10 years ago. I can remember like it was yesterday. The president of a non-profit political action group was speaking at our pastor’s round table. He was sharing about ways our group of pastors could get involved in the political process in West Virginia. One suggestion was for us to write short articles that the group could post to their website and blog.

At that point I had a minor interest in politics. I attended a rally with my family when George W. Bush came to our small neck of the woods. I knew my position on certain high level topics, and I enjoyed communicating. So I thought writing would be a great opportunity for me to help, make a difference, and get better at communicating.

Since then I’ve written more than 1,500 articles using more than 1,000,000 words to communicate a variety of topics.

My original focus, writing about the issues of life, marriage, and religious freedom, has broadened. In addition to these topics that continue to be both controversial and essential to our culture, I frequently write about a broad range of theological topics, cultural events, and money.

I’ve had the privilege of having articles appear in local newspapers, national websites, and many different blog sites across the country.

Now it’s time to take a break, step away from writing for a short period of time. Continue reading…

When People Want to Believe the Worst About Reformed Theology

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Saying Nonew report ponders if some people are determined to believe the worst about Reformed Theology. Maybe they should be asking if people are “predestined” to believe the worst. Get it? Predestined to believe the worst about Reformed Theology. Because they are predestined….Ok, never mind.

Listen, when I was in the Arminian camp I had friends that were Reformed and I thought they were crazy. I thought their theology was absolutely wrong and that they had a fundamental misunderstanding of Scripture. But never broke fellowship with them.

No matter how wrong I thought they were, our theology agreed where it matters most. We agreed on the Gospel, Jesus, the role of the church, the Trinity, baptism, and the inerrancy of Scripture. Just to name a few. I had more in common with them then with liberal theologians and Christians that want me to believe the Bible is not inerrant, that the Trinity may not exist, that Jesus is not God, and salvation is by anything other than grace through faith. Continue reading…

New Study Shows Americans are Not Prepared for Retirement – And I Know Why

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RetireIf you have less than $5,000 saved for retirement, you should be worried.

A new report from Northwestern Mutual indicates that nearly 1 out of 3 Americans has less than $5,000 saved for retirement. That’s a shocking statistic. How is it that in the “lan of opportunity” people are woefully unprepared for one of the most difficult seasons of life?

Saving for retirement isn’t a trick. It isn’t something “savvy” investors do and everyone else dreams about. Saving for retirement is as easy as having a dollar amount or percentage withheld from your paycheck each pay period; then having those fund deposited into your employer retirement account (typically a 401(k), 403(b), 457, or TSP if you are a government employee).

With saving made increasingly easier for employees, why are so many so far behind? Continue reading…

The Best Way to Be More Productive – Stop Eating!

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FastingOur ability to be productive is the key to our success.

Productivity is one of the greatest strengths the American worker holds. The ability to be more productive each day is how we earn our income, advance in our career, and live the life we desire to live. It goes without saying that productivity is essential.

What you might not know is that your productivity could be suffering due to something very unexpected: eating.

By now you’ve likely heard about intermittent fasting. It’s become a hot topic in the world of physical health. Studies indicate that intermittent fasting can help with high-blood pressure, reduce the risk of some cancers, and help with diabetes. These and many other health benefits from intermittent fasting are being studied and hold hope for people suffering from numerous ailments.

What you might not know is that intermittent fasting can also benefit your mental health and boost your productivity. Fasting deprives our bodies (and minds) of food. While this may sound like a bad thing, it could be a very good thing. When we are hungry, our brain begins to operate at a high level to figure out where to find food. Working in “starvation mode” for a little while can produce a tremendous boost to our productivity. Continue reading…

Why the New Lawsuit Against a Cake Maker Should Terrify You

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Jack PhillipsThe case of Jack Phillips has been concerning since the beginning. The fact that he was sued and forced to pay fines, undergo special inspections on his business, and endure “sensitivity training” to make sure he knew how horrible of a person he was for not baking that cake is ridiculous.

It’s more than ridiculous. It sounds like something out of a communist country.

However, the new lawsuit filed against Jack is not concerning, it’s terrifying.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that Jack cannot be targeted for his faith, the government in Colorado is targeting Jack for his faith. The Colorado government has decided that Jack simply should not be allowed to do business. It appears that the government has made up its mind that people of faith, people that want to live and do business according to their sincerely held beliefs, don’t belong in the pubic space.

This rogue government is now manufacturing ways to go after Jack and his business. Their actions are indicative of a political landscape in which tolerance has been thrown out the window. Here’s the story. Continue reading…

A New Movement Threatens Democrats in Mid-Term Elections – and Beyond.

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Candace Owens#WalkAway.

That’s the simple slogan threatening to upend the much hoped for “blue wave” during the mid-term elections this year. A new campaign aimed at encouraging people to #WalkAway from the Democratic party is seeing online success as more people vow to vote Republican in the upcoming elections.

Perhaps most surprising is that millennials between the ages of 18-34 are leading the charge in this viral campaign.

There’s a general impression that younger generations are more liberal than older ones. We assume that a majority of millennials support abortion, same-sex marriage, socialism, and plastic straw bans. But if the #WalkAway movement is any indicator of where millennials stand, liberal and their pet policies should be very worried.

A new report shows that white millennials are divided in their support of Republicans and Democrats as the mid-term elections approach: Continue reading…

Are You Sure You Want Christians to “Be More Like Jesus”?

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Jesus CakeThe demand for Christians to “be more like Jesus” continues. But the people making this demand don’t know Jesus and are often making this demand of people who are, in fact, being just like Jesus.

Our culture has a “judge not” blind spot. We love this simple instruction given by Jesus. This is, according to society, the true test of whether a person is really being like Jesus or not. If you “judge” another person, you fail the test. So the goal is to be as much like Jesus as possible by not judging anyone. Ever. For any reason.

But is that really the measure of Christ-likeness?

The people who say Jesus would “bake the cake” sure think so. They believe that Jesus would absolutely bake a cake celebrating a same-sex wedding. It is, they say, a way to “show the love of Jesus” to the homosexual couple. To refuse to bake the cake is to judge the homosexuals and is wrong, they would argue, because Jesus would never judge anyone like that.

First, let’s make sure we understand what Jesus meant by “judge not,” in this often misused Scripture. Continue reading…

The “Economic Stimulus” Most Americans are Overlooking

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Intermittent FastingThere’s a very simple “economic stimulus” being overlooked by nearly every American household.

Economic growth is a hot topic today. America is in the midst of one of the largest periods of economic expansion in history. Concerted efforts to keep the expansion going are being discussed in the halls of Congress and in every state house in the country. But what if one of the easiest ways to stimulate the economy doesn’t need the approval of the President or a single politician?

What if I said I could put $200, $300, or even $400 back into your pocket right now?

What if there is an “economic stimulus package” that needs no approval, no legislation, and no political votes to start taking effect right now? And, if you begin implementing it, your family could see thousands of dollars in savings every year. Would you be interested?

In order to begin saving money, and improve your health, all you need to do is begin intermittent fasting and a simple diet change.

About 10 years ago I made a change in my diet. I’m not a dietician, not in the medical industry, I’m just a guy that used common sense to make a lifestyle change that I hoped would help. What did I do? Continue reading…


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