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The Shack: Why This Popular Book and Movie Should Be Condemned by Christians

Posted on March 22, 2017 in Theology by

And then there is the favorite Christian excuse: “well, if it leads one person to Jesus it’s okay with me.” What a cowardly, damnable position to take. I should know; I used to take that position. I used to be of the opinion that anything that could lead a person toward Jesus was a good thing. The problem is that when the thing you are using to lead people to Jesus doesn’t accurately reflect the truth of who Jesus is, you are leading people to a false Jesus, a false Gospel, and a lie. Furthermore, you are creating an idol. Anything, book, movie, or preacher that does not biblically represent Jesus is creating an idol for others to worship. For this reason, movies like The Shack are little more than heretical portrayals of God in need of rebuke by Christians, not support.

10 Lessons for Parents to Teach Their Children from John MacArthur

Posted on January 25, 2017 in Family, Theology by

I recently came across an article sharing the “Ten Crucial Lessons Every Father Should Teach,” from John MacArthur’s book Brave Dad. This list is not only biblically based it’s practical. Furthermore, it’s counter-cultural.

Look, the bottom line is that we live in a society that is upside down. The things that are valued in our culture go against the biblical values that we want to teach. And, in order to combat that anti-biblical teaching our kids are bombarded with in culture we must be diligent in teaching them, clearly, what the Bible says. It won’t happen by accident. And while we should expect our church to reinforce what we are teaching our kids at home, we should not expect our church to be the primary biblical teacher of our kids.

Look at how practical, and counter-cultural, these lessons we need to be teaching our kids are:

Can Someone Please Tell Me Why Fourth-Graders Need a NSFW Book in Their School Library?

Posted on April 26, 2016 in Public Policy, Sexuality by

The Oregon school principal is apologizing after angry parents demanded to know why their kids had access to the book; especially when they were told it had been pulled from school shelves. Perhaps a better question is why has such a book been approved for 10 year olds in the first place?

Let’s do a very simple review: any image depicting people engaging in sexual activity is considered “explicit” and/or pornographic (depends on who you talk to). To view any such image a person is supposed to be at least 18 years old; as every pornographic website makes perfectly clear. So why is a school allowed to show explicit/pornographic imaged to our children and call it “health class”?

According to one article, some of the images in the book include:

She Sold Lies Writing for Cosmo – Now She Shares the Truth About Two famed Movements

Posted on April 21, 2016 in Marriage, Sexuality by

You may not have known that the sexual revolution and the women’s movement were once two very separate, distinct movements. The way they are portrayed today it is easy to conclude that they have always been one big movement. But a new book by a former Cosmo writer is telling the truth about how the sexual revolution hi-jacked the women’s movement.

Sue Ellen Browder spent more than 20 years writing for Cosmo magazine. In her own words “she sold the Cosmo lifestyle even though I was not living it…I had a beautiful marriage. I was home baking chocolate chip cookies … and raising children and selling this abhorrent lifestyle to young women.”

Browder is now sharing her story and the truth behind how the sexual revolution co-opted the women’s movement for its own immoral gain. Her new book “Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement” is a candid look into the history of two of the most influential movements in American history.

The description of Browder’s book at Amazon says:

Author Wants to Recreate the Christian Sexual Ethic in Her Own Image

Posted on May 5, 2015 in Marriage, Sexuality by

It’s no secret that the Bible is under attack. What is interesting is the fact that it’s the oldest (and first) attack in the book (yes, pun intended). It’s the old “did God really say?” attack that is once again being foisted upon Christians and readers of the Bible.

Nowhere is this attack more prevalent than in the area of sexuality.

For centuries there has been a certain sexual ethic that has served as a guide for Christians. That doesn’t mean people didn’t ignore it or abuse it at times, but the truth that a guiding ethic for human sexuality existed can’t be ignored.

While we are all very familiar with the fact that the Christian/biblical view of sexuality with regards to homosexuality has been a constant topic in our culture; what has not been so obvious is the other aspects of sexuality that are now under attack.

Too Little Too Late? Lifeway Stores Pull “Heavenly Visitation” Items

Posted on March 31, 2015 in Theology by

In case you didn’t know, Lifeway Christian Stores, the main retail outlet owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, has announced it will pull all “heaven visitation items” from their shelves. This is a great announcement, but one that comes with a bitter side.

If you are wondering what a “heaven visitation item” is, it is simply any book or DVD sharing the personal account of a visitation to heaven. Think: “Heaven is for Real,” or “The boy Who Came Back from Heaven.” These accounts are supposedly the tales of people who for one reason or another (trauma, accident) claim to have visited heaven but came back. They are sharing their accounts via books and movies under the guise of “heaven visitation.”

So why is it a good thing that Lifeway is pulling such items from their shelves? Well, for starters, the accounts given by most people who claim to have died and gone to heaven contradict accounts in the Bible. For this reason such claims cannot be trusted, and should not be given credit by Christians.

Let’s take for a moment the account given by Alex Malarkey. He is the teenager that claimed is his 2010 book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” to have died during a medical emergency, visited heaven, then came back. The book was a big success and Malarkey and his family made a lot of money on the back of that account.

But, just recently Malarkey released a statement saying the whole thing was made up. Kind of ironic considering his last name. Or perhaps more apropos. Malarkey’s statement reads in part:

David Platt’s Message to Christian Won’t Be Well Received. But It’s Absolutely Needed.

Posted on February 23, 2015 in Theology by

David Platt has a new book called “Counter Cultured” in which he encourages Christians to decide whether they will live with conviction, and what that might cost them.

The message is timely as religious freedom has been attacked at increasing rates and many Christians around the world are losing their lives for their faith.

According to a recent report by The Blaze, Platt discusses the upside down reality that right and wrong are no longer measured by transcendent truth, but by popular opinion. The word tolerance has bee hijacked to accomplish this goal. The end result is, if you agree with what is popular you are tolerant, if you disagree, you’re intolerant. But, as Platt says, this is a misunderstanding of the word tolerant:

“Basically, if you agree with what’s popular or politically correct, then you’re okay — but if you don’t, you’re labeled intolerant. Part of it is the way we’ve mystified the idea of tolerance. Tolerance, itself, implies disagreement.”

Platt is among a group of young leaders emerging as the voice of modern Christianity. With a solid theological foundation Platt has repeatedly called Christians to die to this world, and to self, in order to spread the Gospel. Now he is reminding Christians of the dangers this will involve and urging us to count the cost, then move.

Watch the short video below to get an idea of what Platt’s new book “Counter Cultured” is all about. If the video doesn’t appear automatically, please refresh your browser.

Duck Dynasty Wife Has Strange View on Abortion Issue

Posted on January 27, 2015 in Life by

The video below is a candid interview with Al and Lisa Robertson of the Duck Dynasty Robertson’s. In the video Al and Lisa discuss their views on abortion and, to the surprise of many I’m sure, Lisa shares that she considers herself pro-choice.

After revealing that she had an abortion when she was younger in discussing their new book “A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption,” Lisa says that while she opposes abortion based on her religious convictions, she does not want to force her beliefs on anyone else. Lisa says:

Are You Pro-Life? It’s Because You’ve Been Brainwashed!

Posted on October 23, 2014 in Life by

Do you believe that life begins at conception?

Do you believe that every child, from conception to birth should be vigorously defended?

Do you believe that abortion on demand is cruel, evil, sinful, or wrong?

Did you know that you only believe those things because you are a simplistic minion incapable of intelligent, independent thought that has been brainwashed by “evil pro-lifers”?

That is the conclusion of a new book proudly advocating abortion on demand and the book review given by a staunch abortion supporter.

The book is “Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights” by Katha Pollitt. The book has received glowing reviews from the usual sources in mainstream media. But one in particular, Slate’s Hanna Rosin, is particularly excited about the book.

The Most Pornographic Place Your Kids Will Visit is Their School

Posted on August 21, 2014 in Sexuality by

Parents have enough to protect their kids from these days. Not only do they need to monitor what they watch on television – because apparently naked reality shows are all the rage – but the Internet has it all. Then there’s making sure they aren’t receiving naked pictures via text or drinking at parties. Even parents that are fully engaged, teaching their kids solid morals and values will be exhausted at the sheer magnitude of ways kids need protected.

And of course parents must be defended from their local school!

Yep, you read that right. Where once the local school was a place of safety and learning, it seems it is now a place of undermining parental authority and sex.

The newest example of school-overreach into the lives of students comes from California where a book that will be used in a sex-ed class is being called nothing short of pornographic.


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