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If a Cake Maker Can Be Forced to Violate His Convictions – What About a Graphic Designer?

Posted on June 10, 2014 in Marriage, Religious Freedom by

The word I want you to see is creative. At the heart of this case is the right of every American to exercise – or refuse to exercise – his or her first amendment free speech rights. At the core of this case is the fact that the government is seeking to force an American citizen to violate his both his free speech and religious freedom rights. The government is telling Jack Phillips that he must use his creative abilities to create a cake a piece of art – a form of speech – that celebrates same-sex “marriage” and violates his religious convictions.

The reason this is critical and intricately linked to the article about the graphic designer is that if a cake maker can be forced to violate his religious convictions and use his creative talents to celebrate sin. And if a photographer can be forced to violate her religious convictions and use her creative talents to celebrate sin. How long before the government tells graphic designers that they must violate their religious convictions and use their creative talents to celebrate sin?

Disturbing Video: Undercover Videos of Planned Parenthood Show Depth of Corruption

Posted on June 6, 2014 in Life by

Live Action – the pro life organization led by Lila Rose – has released a new campaign aimed at defunding Planned Parenthood. The new comprehensive campaign is called, “Lies, Corruption, and Scandal: Six Years of Exposing Planned Parenthood.”

As part of the campaign a packet was delivered to ever U.S. congressman and senator with a report detailing Planned Parenthood’s expansive malfeasance.

Live Action has also set up a website for the campaign PlannedParenthoodExposed.com, launching a petition drive, and releasing a video that gives a six minute synopsis of Live Action’s six years of undercover investigations of the United States’ largest abortion merchant.

Those findings include:

When Caesar Demands That Which Belongs to God

Posted on June 6, 2014 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

What belongs to God? Everything!

When Jesus says to render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God (Matthew 22:21), He was not giving government superior status over God. He was not even giving equal status of Government to God. Rather, He gave government a limited realm which we must respect.

But there are times when we should not render to Government because Government is asking for more than they should.

One example is on Friday, the now famous Colorado Baker, Jack Phillips, lost his latest appeal to the to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Told he must bake a cake for a homosexual marriage celebration in violation of his religious beliefs, or else, he remained resolute, “I will stand by my convictions until somebody shuts me down.”

The Gospel Coalition: 9 Things You Should Know About the National Day of Prayer

Posted on May 1, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

Today is the National Day of Prayer, an annual day of observance celebrated by Americans of various faiths. Here are nine things you should know about the day when people are asked “to turn to God in prayer and meditation.”

1. The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman.

So You Want to Tax Churches? Have You Considered…

Posted on April 22, 2014 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

See if you can answer this question: why are churches tax exempt?

That is a hot button topic in the news, around lawmakers, and on the blogosphere these days. Many don’t know why churches are tax exempt and others simply don’t think they should be. They say that churches are corporations earning money like everyone else and should pay taxes. But is paying taxes really the primary goal of those advocating for the taxing of churches? First, let’s talk about why churches are tax exempt.

Alliance Defending Freedom senior legal counsel Erik Stanley explains that churches have always been tax-exempt since the IRS tax code was first established. And in every version of the code ever since, churches are tax exempt. But, as Stanley explains, many simply don’t know why.

Dr. James Dobson Beats ObamaCare HHS Mandate

Posted on April 21, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

A recent article reports that a federal court has issued an injunction against enforcement of the ObamaCare HHS Mandate against Dr. James Dobson and his “Family Talk” radio show. Alliance Defending Freedom senior counsel Kevin Theriot commented on the injunction:

“Faith-based organizations should be free to operate according to the faith they teach and live out every day. If the government can fine Christian ministries out of existence because they want to uphold their faith, there is no limit to what other freedoms it can take away. The court was right to block enforcement of this unconstitutional mandate against Family Talk.”

Dr. Dobson said of the injunction:

“Government Every Citizen Should Fear” Supreme Court Ruling Strikes Blow to Religious Freedom

Posted on April 14, 2014 in Public Policy, Religious Freedom by

Christians now have every reason to fear their government.

That is the general sentiment after the Supreme Court refused to hear the case of Elane Photography after the disastrous ruling by the New Mexico Supreme Court. Here’s what you need to know and where the case currently stands.

Elaine Huguenin refused to render services to a homosexual couple that asked her to photograph their same-sex ceremony. She cited her religious convictions and said she simply could not in accordance with her faith photograph their ceremony. The couple sued Elane Photography for discrimination based on sexual orientation. After years in the court system the New Mexico Supreme Court finally ruled against Elane Photography for discrimination and fined her.

Our Culture is Starving for Bold Pastors Willing to Speak Up

Posted on April 4, 2014 in Religious Freedom by

Pastor, let me ask you a question. Does your congregation know their religious rights? I’m not trying to be funny, it’s a serious question. And I am willing to bet that not only does many in your congregation not know their rights, but neither do you.

My friend Erik Stanley has been leading the charge to educate churches and pastors on their religious rights for a long time. As a religious freedom litigator with Alliance Defending Freedom he is on the front lines ensuring our constitutional rights are protected and defended. Part of his work has been the “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” project which aims to challenge the unconstitutional Johnson Amendment in the IRS code. Erik recently wrote:

“Why is it that Christians have a sense that our faith is under attack and that we are a disfavored minority on the road to sure persecution? One reason is because of the stories we see of fellow believers who are currently undergoing trials and tribulations for simply exercising their faith… Pastor, what are you doing to prepare your congregation to live in a culture that seems bent on denying them the right to live out their faith and to share their faith with others around them? Are they aware of the increasing attacks on people of faith?”

By now many people know of the florist in Washington, the baker in Colorado, and the photographer in New Mexico facing lawsuits for adhering to their religious convictions. What you might not know is that these are just three of the hundreds of cases wherein people of faith are facing legal action for their convictions. The reality is that these stories are growing in number.

Government Gone Wild: Will West Virginia Be the Next State to Fall to Judicial Activism?

Posted on February 17, 2014 in Marriage, Public Policy by

I recently wrote about the trend of attorney’s general refusing to defend the laws of the states that elected them to defend their laws. I commented that this trend was accelerated by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder refusing to defend DOMA. Once the president starts deciding which laws he will and will not defend it is just a matter of time before everyone else decides they can do it too.

Over the last year we’ve seen numerous attorney’s general decide not to defend state laws, while activist judges decide to strike down other laws. The latest in this trend comes from Kentucky where a judge said the state must recognize foreign gay marriages from other states. His declaration is in violation of Kentucky law, but that didn’t stop the judge from deciding to strike down the law and rewrite it according to his opinion. He reportedly ruled:

States, Educators, Parents Abandon Common Core For Being Dumb

Posted on January 27, 2014 in Home School, Public Policy by

When Common Core was announced it was touted as the “fix” to an American education system that has been in decline for years. Without much review or investigation into the privately funded, federally promoted standards and curriculum, school boards began approving its implementation. That snowballed into entire states “opting in” to statewide use of Common Core. (It didn’t hurt that the federal government offered millions in monetary enticements to join the program.)

What has been the result of all the pomp and fanfare rolling out Common Core?


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